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Darkness Unseen
Fri, 22/12/2017 - 22:10

Hi everyone,

Some of your may have heard already that I'm also trying with digital (video) content on Darkness Unseen, the metal review/report/interview blog I am writing. At Fall of Summer 2017 I had the honour of doing a video interview with Erik and Stipen from the Swedish MERCILESS. If someone is interested, topics include Euronymous, Deathlike Silence, Morbid's Dead, bad decisions, Fredrik Karlén, the ending of something and Kate Winslet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvtosAPbkLk&t

Also here is my written report with photos of the Fall of Summer 2017 in case you wanna get some picture of the French festival. https://darknessunseen.wordpress.com/2017/11/18/festival-report-of-fall-...

I'm thankful for any interest! :) Have a great christmas time aand don't forget to rock 'n' roll!

DisgustingSemla's picture

Nice interview, you should keep doing these.

Darkness Unseen's picture

Thanks a lot, I'll try and continue :)

DoctorDeath's picture

Ha, that was a nice interview! some comments, would be good to mention the name of festival at the start would be nice to hear about how the festival is.

funny with the guitarist interrupting :)

i'm not sure about that last question... that's a real hard one.. making up your own questions hmm!
but yeha, great! the 17 minutes went by real fast!

Darkness Unseen's picture

Thank you for the feedback Doc, I'll emphasize it more with the fest the interview is taking place at :D Well that last question is just one that I myself also find interesting to think about but yeah it doesn't always fit in there.
Nice to hear thanks! :)

DoctorDeath's picture

when is it my turn? :)

Darkness Unseen's picture

With the interview? That's a nice idea, I might even go to Brutal Assault next year again, I'll get back to you if so! (Y)

Demolition_hell_hammer's picture

Great interview!! And yeah, how it says in another comment: you should keep doing this!!

Darkness Unseen's picture

Thank you!! :)

MorbidTales7's picture

I am very thankful for this!

Darkness Unseen's picture

Haha I'm glad then! :)

Nater90's picture

Congrats, That's really awesome!

Darkness Unseen's picture

Thanks a lot, glad you liked it!

Joel's picture

Great interview with a great band! I'm extremely grateful I got to see these legends in my native Bay Area here in Northern California back in October. They were amazing.

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