Copying VHS

SandpitSun, 06/01/2019 - 03:28

I've got some bitchin old music VHS tapes that i want to keep around for a long time, only problem is that I've read that tapes degrade in quality at about 10-20% over the length of a decade or so. I don't know why, but i hate DVD's and wanna keep it all on tape. So reading something about video bootleggers in an old Kissnation comic got me wondering, how the hell can i copy these damn things onto other tapes? I'm not going to copy for profit or other people, just one copy of each of my music and horror videos so that i can ceep them alive longer.

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  • thanks!
  • killer!!!
  • Great pic, cool shot !
  • There it is :)
  • Nice stuff. That Slayer BP is a classic, looks like it’s in great condition too
  • Damn dude, great post. The Darkthrone, Gorement, Convulse and Possessed are some of the best I’ve ever seen.
  • need to get one one day
  • Traded my second cancer dsr for it...
  • looks great
  • usually sell for around 120 euros :)
  • Thank you for your kind words dude, appreciated
  • Thorns \m/
  • What a beauty! I got mine in a frame as well
  • I have the Wickerman patch on my vest for more than ten years now and the Virus I traded a while ago and DoktorKananga h
  • I agree
  • Thanks bro!

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