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Congrats to meaningless and gloriousdeath for 5000 posts!

Sat, 21/08/2021 - 09:28

Guys! Woha! The hard drive - it burns! Congratulations !!! \m/

And ofcourse, maanelyst with 4863 !

Although about 10% of meaingless's collection is tshirts, I wish it was 100% ! :)

gloriousdeath's picture

Thanx Doc !!!! And there will be many more uploads !!!!! Still got plenty of stuff lying around !!!!!

Doomgarlic's picture

Fantastic dedication guys! Congrats, cheers and beers!

meaningless's picture

thx very much, cheers :D

Comella77's picture

Keep on collecting !!!!!!!!

meaningless's picture

oh i will..until i die...i guess..hahaha

bad_american1992's picture

Hailz to you guys and your gigantic collections! Inspirations to us all,.Your pages will need a dedicated server rack at this rate..... hahaha

meaningless's picture

hahahaha...i hope Doc will let us know before the hardware need an update..haha

meaningless's picture

Thx very much Doc..hahahahaha......100% of it on Shirts? oh damn....well...the CDs/LPs are taking so much space already...imagine i would have the same amount in shirts?...my wife would kill me..hahahahahahaha Cheers :D

madbutcher's picture

Well done , boys !!!

meaningless's picture

haha...cheers and thx :D

sandmanforce's picture

Congrats for these great guys!

meaningless's picture

you make me blush dude, thx a lot :)

Arkturean's picture


meaningless's picture

thx & cheers :D

Der Todesking's picture

Awesome! Congrats to the TSS Overlords!

meaningless's picture

thx very much :) seems i missed the posting while moving to the new apartment..haha

oldmate's picture

@maanelyst @gloriousdeath @meaningless 5000+ each !!! WOW !!! thank you all. Its been great checking out our collections !

meaningless's picture

thx very much for your kind words :) I try my best to upload my whole collection, but takes time..haha..
but @maanelyst..im not sure if i would call it his collection, more a seller/re-seller...since ..hm..70+% are shirts to sell?.....

oldmate's picture

FUCK me... i just did the math... maanelyst can wear a different t-shirt every day for over 13 years !!!

Thane's picture

holy shit that's bonkers

meaningless's picture

if he woulndt sell it.. ;)

oldmate's picture

ahhhhhhh :)

slayerslayer's picture

thank you ALL , most of all for being TSS supporters , wear the sword proudly. it goes both ways - we love your colllections , we love you supporting TSS to show them . \m/ Brutal .

meaningless's picture

thx very much dude :) nice to hear you enjoy to browse our collections :)

Thane's picture

Congrats lads! Totally insane!!

meaningless's picture

thx very much dude :D

MorbidTales7's picture

Congratulations! Definitely some killer collections.

meaningless's picture

thx a lot, nice to see some ppl like to browse different collections :)

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  • I bought this in late '83, or maybe in the first couple of months of '84.
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  • What size ?
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