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Celtic Frost Long Sleeve proposal (not for sale, bootleg)

Thu, 03/11/2022 - 22:27


I decide to share what a Celtic Frost from the EP I Won´t Dance looks like to me :) I would like to print it to myself.

Are there to much images?


Kathulex's picture

I like it conceptually! Personally I would drop the prowling death record bit but otherwise it has potential.

However, you REALLY should make those images transparent if you want print to look good

MortalCoil138's picture

I second this, looks fucking awesome but would be better without prowling death records imo

NothernSky's picture

I have made some changes, take a look now...2 concept designs.

NothernSky's picture

Made also 3 concept designs for a Paradise Lost Long Sleeve shirt @Roudburn Festival 2016.

NothernSky's picture

Added T-Shirt concept, 2 designs as well.
I have ´fixed´ the transparent stuff.

NothernSky's picture

Did some changes once again.

NothernSky's picture

Just an update about getting printed the shirts :)

Kofuv6's picture

Damn the Celtic Frost LS came out great

andermatten's picture

as long as you're not selling the shirt and you've got an insta account, you could show it to Tom G: https://www.instagram.com/rumorbid/?hl=de

Tina Taem 22's picture

i Loved it

NothernSky's picture

I waited a little longer but got the finally the Celtic Frost shirts!!

NothernSky's picture

...and the Paradise Lost as well....

NothernSky's picture

I have made a new design for the alternate cover of Morbid Tales:
Toughts? Again, not for sale, this is just custom fanmade.

NothernSky's picture

Ready to GTD print...also designed a Sadness short and Longsleeve shirt.....

NothernSky's picture

At last my fanmade Celtic Frost and Sadness shirts printed!

NothernSky's picture

Who the hell is selling this fan-made shirt done by me? Even they took the image from my profile here in TSS.
Has someone else has experienced this??


meaningless's picture

omg...seriously?....wtf...but at least..it seems without the backprint....., its crazy....damn....
But on the other hand....u can be sure, u made something realy PRO..otherwise..bootleger woulndt 'copy' ur shirt..
u can be honoured ..or pissed....or just be both i guess

but strange yes...

NothernSky's picture

I feel Honoured and pissed. I tought was unique, at least the back print and the sleeves print are not there. Some time ago also saw my PL fan-made Gothic-Roadburn and Sadness shirts as well, but are no longer on eBay.

They are just lazy, it only really takes a powerpoint and some images from the net to make you own.

Sh!# happens.

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