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Buying official. Band. Tour Merchandise. And more

Sun, 04/04/2021 - 11:09

Private. Collector
Looking for. Tour merch. In XXL and XL
I also will buy. CDs LP and. Boots . and demo tapes
I also taped concerts for 25yrs. Have one of the Rarest collections.

Interests. 80s 90s metal. Black metal thrash
I do. Buy and sell.
Looking for Cannibal corpse. Tour merch
In XL or XXL. And. Pic discs and CDs
Maniac butcher. Vinyl
Graveland. Shirts. Longsleve hoodie
In XXL. Or XL. CDs lps
Arch Goat. Tour merch. XL or XXL
Powerwolf. Tour merch. XL or XXL
Mayhem. T shirts and CDs
Burzum. CDs t shirts
Necrophobic. Long sleeves XL XXL
Drudka. T shirts
Hate Forrest. Cds and t-shirts
Black Altar. Demo tape
Black Altar beastcraft. Wooden box
Satanic Warmaster
Nokturnal Mortum
Morbid angel. Tour merch
Drowning the light. Lps. CDs
Manowar. Official. Tour. XXL or XL

Rare stuff. Looking. For;
Fight. 1993. War of Words. All over t shirt in XL
Iron maiden. 1983. Piece of. Mind. Replica tour
Shirt in XXL. Or. XL
Ironmaiden. A matter of life and death tour
In XL or XXL
Slayer. Final campaign. In xxl
Destroyer 666. Defiance tour. XL
God Dethroned. Passiondale tour. XL
Six Feet under. 13. Tour. Long sleeve XL XXL
Bolt Thrower. For victory. Tour. Or replica long sleeve
Grave. You'll. Never. See. Long sleeve XXL or XL
Nevermore. Godless Endeavor. Tour. Long sleeve. XXL. XL
Acdc. 2000. Stiff Upper Lip tour. XL
Acdc 1984. Replica. Flick of switch tour. XL xxl

Into Glory Ride's picture

Any. specific reason. you. put a. column between. every. or every other. word?

Awoken808's picture

I am at work. Writing. This on a phone. Grave shift.

Awoken808's picture

Possibly . I have large amount of concerts I recorded
And collect. Black metal demos and stuff
Carry rare stuff

Toni Isomaa's picture

I have this for sale

Toni Isomaa's picture

Beherit boot live
Barathrum Boot live
Both mint cond. 4sale

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