BUG: Unable to change email address

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 01:06

There is a code issue going on where the order of validation of fields is failing, when you change an email address.

1. Login
2. Click Username tab
3. Click Edit

[ From here, this Account page, I suspect there is an issue with the whole code block validating the password initially.]

1. Type the current password
2. Change the email address.
3. Scroll down and click Save.

it will display "changes saved" but then shows the old email address.
New email address fails to update.

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  • siiick
  • Looks good, man!
  • In my opinion.
  • Aja, då kör vi på svenska då. :) Råttan i pottan kan man skippa ja.
  • I love how this one is using the full color version of the coverart. The b/w version looks so flat in comparison.
  • Yes! This one is quite nice.
  • \m/
  • Yes! I like this one!
  • Looks great, especially if you don't want to shell out $200+ for the real deal!
  • Masterpiece!!
  • Ja absolut, alltså den samlingen kan faktiskt aldrig blir för stor....
  • Imo? Ja först var den inte det, den skulle ersätta en annan BR-patch. Men nu blir den till lapptäcket.
  • Wow, incredible amount of detail.
  • I'm afraid this is one of those cover artworks that have a hard time transitioning to patch artworks.
  • Thank for the view! I'm enjoying this community a lot and I'll be uploading more over time.
  • This looks great... if I didn't have the patch that came with the reissue CD I'd snatch one of these up!

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