BUG: Unable to change email address

YYMBRThu, 02/08/2018 - 01:06

There is a code issue going on where the order of validation of fields is failing, when you change an email address.

1. Login
2. Click Username tab
3. Click Edit

[ From here, this Account page, I suspect there is an issue with the whole code block validating the password initially.]

1. Type the current password
2. Change the email address.
3. Scroll down and click Save.

it will display "changes saved" but then shows the old email address.
New email address fails to update.

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  • This is a great, classic and awesome longsleeve!
  • Thanks my friend!
  • Good stuff
  • oaklanda 1st attakk!
  • Love the color scheme. And I really love that vertical SODOM patch.
  • i like these boys faces...i have to wear gas mask so that people dont get scared
  • This shirt is ugly hahahahah There someone had to say it
  • Definitely! Both Are great. I got into katatonia with this album. It was hard to find it in mexico.
  • Legend. Nice pics mate.
  • Most welcome :) I would have to go with....Both haha, love the album, however I do prefer the back print of this one.
  • Very nice album!
  • or meeting her parents! works everytime!
  • Oh i meant Jesus Christ...thinking about Navas and Sevilla boys too much...yoy catch my drift...
  • it was probably stolen...its a walking porn mag!
  • I might strech it a little bit... but yeah... its not a bad idea. Perfect shirt to wear on a wedding
  • we, satanists, don't care which hole to use.
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