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British Pound is low - gimme ya best UK online stores!

Fri, 24/06/2016 - 15:43

I don't care for politics but there is a positive sideffect. People from the european mainland can probably import stuff cheaper now with the pound going down the trash. So UK people, c'mon share with us the best Mailorders for Metal records and merch! Thanks

Into Glory Ride's picture

I would like to hook up on this (probably the wrong phrase, sorry)! Especially Labels with good Black/Death Stuff like Iron Bonehead/NWN and with US/Epic/Heavy Metal like Sonic age/Arkeyn Steel would be appreciated!

Vectrex's picture

And old school Thrash /Speed!

Into Glory Ride's picture

For Thrash/Speed in General , if You're ok with CDs, You should check out Slaney Rex from Ireland. Extremely reasonable prices and at the moment they even have a 20% Sale going on, so his CDs don't cost 8€ but 6€ on an average. I ordered from there a thousand times.


satanachist's picture

Me saco un ojo records, they carry a lot of IBP stuff and other black/death
and also Peaceville records, don't know any other bigger shops

Into Glory Ride's picture

Me Saco Un Ojo, of course! I never now from where the labels are. Thanks for the reminder!
Also : Legion Blotan.

Into Glory Ride's picture

Just as a little bumper: The Pund still lies at 1,3€ at least at the site, i checked.

Vectrex's picture

Me Saco Un Ojo have some great stuff without a doubt.

gizter's picture

god dammit.. i just ordered a pretty expensive Skaven EP from there this week...

Freyjawulf's picture

Todestrieb has some decent stuff https://distro.todestrieb.co.uk/

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Bot account with AI profile image lol

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