Breaking in Leather?

Fri, 05/01/2018 - 21:24

Hey guys, I have a leather jacket that I purchased last year. The jacket is made out of a thick leather that is pretty stiff and sometimes uncomfortable to move around in. The leather is a cheaper leather, however, I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on how to soften the leather or break it on so it's more comfortable to wear.

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i found that getting it a little damp with sweat/light rain helps... but yeah, also ask at your local leather shop, there's a few chemicals out there that could help, or, throw it in the bin and get one that FEELS GOOD... :)

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Thanks, I'll try that. I actually just ordered a new one that is a softer leather so we'll so how that works out.

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Seconding DoctorDeath in addition just wearing the the thing to death. It took me a good couple months of wearing mine almost everyday, its soft as anything now on me

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Yeah to what Influx said. Wear it as much as possible. Ive even worn mine around the house.

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You get plenty of extra hours wearing it if you sleep with it on!

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When I was looking for a good leather jacket I found a couple cheap ones ( at least 60-100 euros cheaper that the good ones) that were so stiff that it almost felt like I was wearing a bulletproof vest, really hard to move your hands or bend your torso. I was thinking that it would get softer with time but ultimetly I decided to get a good quality one because cheap ones only get worse with time. Cheap leather jackets are not only made with inferior pieces of leather, but the processing there are going through is also inferior making whem crack and chip.
A good leather jacket can last a life time so don't waste your money on some cheap crap !

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I have had many stiff leather jackets (Atm I have 2 Aero cafe racers. 1 horsehide 1 thick cowhide) The best thing you can do is just wear it. In time it will get softer. My cowhide cafe racer took 2 years to break in...

Some people put their jackets in a pillow case and then inside the tumble dryer (no heat) with some tennis balls.
Others rub it with saddle soap or leather conditioner (like pecard) which softens it up a bit.
Lastly, another popular method is wearing it while u sleep.

Check out the fedoralounge forum for more tips

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I have used hand cream (moisturising cream) to soften my leather jackets up. Just buy the blue Nivea tin (or whatever brand you prefer), rub it in to the leather, and wipe it off after 15-30min.

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