Blazon Stone Live debut and new album release party

Daniel Sodomaniac
Wed, 27/09/2017 - 22:07
Event date: 
Saturday, October 28, 2017
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Daniel Sodomaniac
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I heard their new album for the first time last night when it popped up in YouTube's suggested videos and I liked what I heard. I heard pieces off of "Return to Port Royal" a while back and I also liked it. These albums seem to be better than the recent Run one Wild outputs. Great stuff!

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  • Looks so amazing.. Love that you sticked to the same colors with every patch
  • They have about 5 different versions of this shirt. I never saw one without a backprint before tho. Maybe a misprint?
  • Creed of Iron I only recently started to get into; have always loved Thousand Swords best of the old style and M&D b
  • very nice!!!
  • You will consider selling bottom?
  • I'd say Real. They ran this design in the 80's. I have a reprint of it.
  • Thanks my boy-o
  • Musically it's okay,I also have the signed Digipack CD..BTW my favorite is Creed of Iron
  • Fucking great. You are officially all out of room
  • Really nice back!
  • Thanks man, this one's not bad for a bootleg
  • Loved it, sect and blackhole, and the handmade aspect finishes everything.
  • Belíssimo trabalho, melhor impossivel
  • Oh.. Mother of satan!
  • Majestic! One of my first exposure to BM.
  • This album seems to have been lost in the shuffle and not really noticed much but I actually think it's one of Grav

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