Bidding on shirts for me

Sun, 01/01/2017 - 21:52


I'm watching a few things from a German seller and even though he has shipping rates for worldwide I'm not able to bid on his shirts and he won't reply to my messages. If anyone could kindly bid on a few things please pm me and we'll work something out. Thanks


Try logging into ebay.de and placing a bid. It might not work if you are using ebay.com.


I tried that, but it's all taken care of now. Thanks


That's probably for a good reason...... i wouldn't touch this.

Which TShirt?

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  • Thanx. Underrated: don't know. There was a time they've been pushed by some magazines here in Germany.
  • Hahahahaha! Classic
  • And it was very fitting really. No lamps installed, grids everywhere, and actually really spacious.
  • Hahaha! "The Dungeon!" I like it.
  • That was actually the basement of my parents' former house, hehe When i still had a band we swore we will one day m
  • Cool af
  • Badass! :o
  • Looks tough as fuck!!!
  • Either you are in an abandoned building or you have the most brutal house ever hahaha
  • Sehr, sehr geil!
  • Really cool, where did you found it?
  • Whoa really high detail!
  • The patch arrangement reminds me of how mine used to look and the filth and faded material honestly make this look all t
  • really nice one!
  • Thanks for your kind comment Rusty74! :)
  • what a great birthday gift mate, awesome she liked it.
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