Beware User: Frost_and_fire

ManInTheBoxMon, 12/11/2018 - 19:03

Bought a patch from the user Frost_and_fire about two months ago, which was never sent. He hasn't been active since and has 20 great reviews which leads me to believe maybe something happened to him IRL. Take caution when buying from him if he ever comes online again, however. Reminder to just send the extra fee to the seller via paypal, I guess.

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  • Thanks!
  • It was a must have for Bolt Thrower.
  • Thanks i appreciate it! Simple as not having to sew 50 patches like my other vest ;) lol.
  • Thanks man! it took forever to do.
  • Yes it is!
  • Thanks!
  • I have this pin. One with a year and one without. Was curious about that! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
  • Thanks man!
  • Cool & pretty trashed...
  • Hey man From left to right of 7th Date of Hell are NTSC / French / UK Pal Hope that answer that mate Many tha
  • So Nice!!
  • I found this patch and their record I forgot how good they were.
  • Hey, man! What version is the 7th Date of Hell next to the Live EP? Killer stuff as always \m/
  • Really nice!
  • thank u guys,,,its not for sale,,only for my personal collection,,, lml
  • Insane work mate! Very very well made layout and extremly creative. How long did it take to built this?


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