Battle Jacket/Kutte question?

MetalxThrasherSun, 12/02/2012 - 05:43

So, I'm sewing on my Possessed patch, and it's right above my outside pocket. I don't normally use my pockets, only in certain situations. Anyways, what I wanted to ask was; do you normally sew through your pocket so it's shut always, or do you try and maneuver around/in it? Cause it's getting to be a bitch to sew in/around it. And if you do sew in/around it, is there a simpler way of doing it? (smaller needle or something?).

Oh, and do you guys cut off your collar or leave it on? Cause I've got really short hair, and I'm getting tired of always trying to flip it back down. (My hair dye make it curl up at the end.)

Adrian's picture

I carefully sew inside the pocket so it's still usable. It's more challenging, but I like being able to use the pockets

And I leave my collars on, they've never been a problem

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I cut one flap off, and left one on for pins. But i sew my pockets shut, only because its too complicated to sew it to where they are useable.

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i cut the collar and i sew inside the pocket cause i need it for paper and money

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i kept the jackets, and i do use them often.
and i advise you to keep the collar too. comes in useful when its cold.

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I keep the collar. I think it looks in someway kind weird without and I also keep the pocket usable. Its little bit more work but I dont mind.

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I was like "fuck pockets! patches are more important" made a little pocket out of my Hirax patch, just big enough for my ID card, money and patches I bought. That's really all I need, so it's okay.

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I have sewn through my chest pockets because I know I won't be using them anyway, but I'd like to be able to put my hands in the other two at the bottom so I sewed around them. I kept the collar on purely for design purposes so now I have two pins on them, one on each side.

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whenever i sew over pockets i always put something in the pocket (usually my cell phone) so its easier to do it without sewing it shut.

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Top two pockets I don't use at all, so I sew through them, but I always have my hands in my lower pockets, so, of course, I keep them.

As for the collar, as long as it isn't bothering me I don't care.

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I need pockets for a beer so I sew inside the pockets. It isn't hard to sew inside.

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I sewed my lower pockets shut and one of the upper ones, still works...but the other one I sewed over..by mistake. I am creating a pocket for the inside of the kutte to hold some other items and maybe a beer or something, as for the collar...it never got in my way and I'm even putting a patch on either side, but I know for some people they find it annoying.

Your best bet is to sew by hand if you are going to keep the pocket usable, one wrong move with a sewing machine and you will have to rip out the tread and try all over again...because it's such a small space, it's easy to get the material in the way or not sewed in place properly.

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I cut off the collar - I think it' looking freaky to have two collars (leatherjacket & kutte)...

The pockets on the front of the kutte were too small. I couldn't put in a box of cigarettes, so they were carefully cut off. The pockets on the side are still useable, there I usually put in a box of cigarettes, a box for my glasses (they don't stick to my head, while headbanging^^), on festivals/concerts also Eddings and sometimes also salami buns^^

On the bottom of the left side of the kutte, where the printed Reign in Blood patch is, it took me about 3 (three!!!) hours to sew it on correctly. But it is fucking worth it!

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small pockets or big cigarettes? i used to smoke marleys and they fitted fine. unless its a 25 pack?

Tankard Emptyer's picture

I usually smoke big box, but to try I bought a small/common package. It also didn't fit in.

But the jacket cost me only about 10€ at a discounter... So fuck the useless pockets ^^

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