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Bands/Artists you just can't listen to anymore (or, do so very very very rarely.)

Tue, 29/06/2021 - 11:31

People change, so do our tastes. When yer a kid, people often hate "this band" or "that band" only to rediscover them and think they're amazing, and (interestingly) you end up leaving you roots behind, if not entirely, then partially, or very rarely. Sometimes the radio is to blame, sometimes you find your trve calling, and sometimes a band you could no longer listen to you able to listen to them again and fully enjoy it.

So! What can you no longer listen to? What bands CAN you listen to, albeit rarely? And what bands can you listen to once again? Meow -(yes I did say now just meow,) you don't have to answer all these questions. While I know I got more bands in the back of my head that I can no longer listen to, there are some that pop up again.

I can't listen to AC/DC casually anymore thanks to the radio, nor Pink Floyds' The Wall (save for a few songs.) I will say I've seen "Riff-Raff" an AC/DC tribute band in Sept 2019 and they were actually superb! But between my own subjective tastes/opinions of "Party music" Motorhead infinitely beats out AC/DC. But, as for a band I listen to RARELY (by years if not a decade can roll by) is Led Zeppelin. I LOVE Led Zeppelin, but they just don't do it for me anymore, and I've got an EXTENSIVE Zepp collection for both CD's AND LPs (collector quality.) Perhaps I just can't get stoned like I used to, but, considering that I usually listen to hard and fast music regularly, Zeppelin just doesn't have the "umph;" As opposed to say: Origin - Antithesis, or Bolt Thrower - Realm of Chaos, or Repulsion - Horrified (to name just a few.) As for a band that I used to listen a lot, then couldn't, and now CAN (and Happily,): The Offspring (first 4 albums.) I grew up with Punks (many of which got to meet bands that are now famous but were in their infancy,) and I grew up with Skateboarding, so it's no surprise that I would Skate to bands like The Offspring, Operation Ivy, Bad Religion, early Greenday. However, when introduced to the corrosive nature of Black Metal, Death Metal, Grindcore, The Offspring (and even Bad Religion) went out the door. Now that ti'm older, the Offspring have returned to the music I now listen to often; though, I can only listen to about less than half of "Ixnay" just like back in the long past... And Bad Relgion is rare, as is Greenday.... But none are more rare than AC/DC and Led Zeppelin.

Oh yea... I can't listen to the Everly Brothers anymore, I got burned out of them back in 1995. Totally un-Metal related, but still.

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