ASGARDSREI VI (Absurd, KPN, Burshtyn and more)

Thu, 24/08/2017 - 16:21

Absurd (what more can you wish for?), Peste Noire, Goatmoon, Burshtyn, Naer Mataron, Moloth. Ukraine, Kyiv, 16, December, 2017. More info here: http://militant.zone/ar2017/.

Event date: 
Saturday, December 16, 2017
Event Country: 
Who is going?
Are you attending?


Can't make it, but one of the sickest en best line ups ever!


I'm planning on going, the line up is awesome. I wonder if anyone else from Finland is going?


nazi metal fuck off


Sounds like you probably shouldn't go to this festival then.




And once again I've yet to see someone write "commie metal fuck off" under a grind/crust festival...
Seems like some people are more equal than the others apparently...


Probably because not all grind/crust bands are communists dumbasses, whereas all NSBM bands are, by definition, national socialists.
Don't get me wrong, that line up has some killer bands I love because of their music, but yeah, NSBM festivals are a big no for me.
I'd probably get beaten up with my haircut anyway...


I won't go there either but afaik Peste Noire isn't NSBM. Also you're assuming that people are gonna attend due to ideological reasons instead of musical preference (both of which can be separated). And you know how they say "If you 'assume' you make an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me' "


They don't label themselves NSBM, but rather identitarians and nationalist. Famine said multiple times in interviews he is kind of a "moderate" national socialist.
I don't know how to label him and his band, I don't know exactly what is his ideology and what he believes in, and, to be fair, I don't care at all.
But saying Peste Noire isn't NSBM is only a half-truth ; the "sieg heil" in their songs, some of their lyrics and even the name of their album "Aryan Supremacy" kinda says otherwise. They play a lot with others NSBM bands, and their ideology isn't that far away from national socialism.

I'm not assuming people are gonna attend due to ideological reasons, I know it. I also know it isn't a majority of people.
Most people go here for the music, and I would like to see Peste Noire one day, even if I don't agree with them politically.
I really separate music from people and ideas, but you can't deny this kind of line up will attract a lot of neo nazis, boneheads, etc.


After further explanation of your point I have to agree with you.


You hear/ read the same over and over again. Denial of being ns (denial that concentration camps / holocaust even existed). Lying about not being ns, propaganda....
I don't listen to any of these bands playing this festival, independent from being nsbm or not.
Being German, having lived in Moscow as a child, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The fact that about 50000 militant neonazis live in Russia....
I just wouldn't attend this festival with a good feeling.


Here you can read their last interview if it bothers you so much.


People may complain and criticize the politics of the bands, but the musical aspect is something to be spoken of, especially that of KPN. Sad to miss out on this lineup


Addition to lineup - VOUÏVRE! https://youtu.be/jhuu1Q9pcDM


Have they even recorded anything yet? =/


They have, but it hasn't been released yet and it will most likely remain their only recording.


Would be cool to attend. But sadly it would cost me too much at the moment. I hope I can one day see at least Peste Noire. They really are a much needed breath of fresh(foul?) air in todays reactionary bondagegoat black metal scene.


I'm kinda surprised Naer mataron is playing. I know they are political active in the greek goverment as nationalists, but i never thought they would be right-winged.

Anyway i don't give a fuck about politics and would attend to that gig to see Naer Mataron and Goatmoon but i'm scared because of a Nazi audience. I'm not a guy who likes violence or beeing around violent people. They scare me.


"Don't come 'round tonight
if you're a nigger or a kike", haha.

Actually at least 30% of audience come just to drink, regardless of line-up or nazis.


And that 30% probably doesn't even relealize the sick line up they are just witnessing haha


I feel the same, cheers!

Ravishing Grimness

Sorry, can't manage it.But however, killer lineup though.


55% sold out.

Thomas Raccoon

I was gonna go this year, but some unexpected expenses came up so I had to cancel.

To make up for it, I bought a Moloth shirt, metal badge, and patch though.

I also plan to attend in 2018 if it is held again.

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