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Are you in a band? Put 'em here and spread the metal word!

Sun, 18/02/2018 - 15:40

So I'm in a heavy metal band called Culloden and it has just occurred to me that it would help getting my bands name across. I think you guys should do the same if you play guitar, drums, bass or sing in a metal band.

Thrashattck94's picture

And for my own input: check out the band I play drums for right here! https://www.facebook.com/CullodenBand/

VoodooChild's picture

Just liked you on facebook. Got bandcamp too?
Gonna share mine too tomorrow, posting links is easier on computer than phone.

Thrashattck94's picture

Haven't got it yet as we've just started the tracking and recording process for our EP. I'll ask the guys if they want a bandcamp setup.

VoodooChild's picture

I have a couple of bands
Heavens Fall, black metal(I do vocals and guitars):

Flooded Grave, black metal (used to do everything but now have a drummer and recording new stuff with him:

Hole Below The Bottom, DSBM (I do all instruments and vocals here):

Shame, experimental black metal/noise (I do al linstruments and vocals):

Clear History, Grindcore (I do guitar):

Ghatanothoa, Deathgrind (I do vocals and guitar:
(nothing released yet but we have recorded alot and want to release soon)

AxUxTxIxSxMx, Grind (I do guitar and vocals):

Under A Tortured Sky I March, Noise (solo project):

Diluted Mind, Death Metal (I do guitar)

Thrashattck94's picture

About Bandcamp: turns out our bassist has one ready. Once we're satisfied with the recordings we'll put up, and hopefully get some physical sales in motion.

VoodooChild's picture

Awesome, I keep an eye on your fb page.

metalkeith's picture

Geez you're busy

Funeralleech's picture

Funeralleech.bandcamp.com I sing and play drums

VoodooChild's picture

that stuff is fucking great man :O

EQA's picture

Wow! You guys actually sound really fucking sick.

Goatshrine's picture

I'm in a band called Zygotical. We just released a demo. It's 12 minutes of filthy black metal in the vein of Von/Beherit. https://zygotical.bandcamp.com/track/catacomb-worship-demo

Katafalk's picture

It kills guy, totally what I enjoy.

Goatshrine's picture

HAILS, we're coming out with tapes soon if you're interested PM me. I posted how the tape cover looks on my profile.

Jonathan666's picture

Your 2018 EP entitled Zygotical sounds totally badass! I really love this style you're playing, reminds me of primitive Beherit indeed!

Congratulations! \m/

But why did you disband...?

metalkeith's picture

My band Revelatör did this EP last year. Thrash/speed/punk stuff. Currently working on a full(ish) length. Bandcamp and soundcloudage.

19Philthy16's picture

Got my own atmospheric black metal project, The Fourth Commandment, doing basically everything myself. Uploaded my first demo last year, and writing currently new stuff! https://tivc.bandcamp.com/releases

Liberator's picture

We released a demo last year and there is also some live footage on YouTube.
Demo :https://virupimusic.bandcamp.com/album/liberator

Kvltdad's picture

Dakhma717.bandcamp.com . Mix of death/black metal and hardcore with some experimental shit in the works

EQA's picture

Sounds like an Emo take on DSBM. Pretty awesome.

Kvltdad's picture

Have gotten this before, makes sense considering the musical background of everyone in the band. Check out our new song: https://dakhma717.bandcamp.com/track/a-crow-in-his-cage

EQA's picture

That's the one I heard. Sounds great. And the vocals remind of the vocalist for Ancient Ceremony in some ways which is really cool.

Infernalord's picture

I'm a drummer in 2 bands:
Destroyers Of All (Progressive Death/Thrash Metal) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-L9bMQsAes
Grimlet (Oldschool Death Metal) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxSaXnSeu8A
I invite you all to check us out! Thanks

EQA's picture

Shit kicks ass dude!

Infernalord's picture

Thank you very much!

Thane's picture

Loving Destroyers of All so far, some really sick timing choices and love the sound especially the bass tone

Thane's picture

These two bands are some of the best on this forum for sure, been listening a ton, you dudes are killing it!

Thrash_Maniac's picture

Drummer of Speed/Black band from Barcelona.
Currently working on the demo release.
Feel free to share!
We also are on facebook.



KamikazeKris's picture

I play in a folk metal band called Ilmarinen.


Here's a raw rehearsal vid!

EQA's picture

Great! Nice to someone doing something that's not totally brutal.

KamikazeKris's picture

Thank you. We are recording our debut EP right now.

Thrashattck94's picture

Another update on my band: Because of the Beast from the Ease (A really massive-fuck-off snow storm) our recording process got put back a bit so we'll be getting to it very soon.

Starved_and_Delirious's picture

I sing in the US political hardcore band Starved and Delirious. We have had/ do have members of the following bands in our band: Resist, Detestation, Hellshock, P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S, Poison Idea, Detonators, Stovokor, Piss Christ (NW).
We are getting ready to start playing shows again after 20+ years apart. Heavy and faster than ever! Due to my work, I don’t get out much and would like to talk to others in the scene about lyrics and the political climate of the world today.
Tack så mycket!

Katafalk's picture

I play in a black/death metal band called Ominous Shrine in the way of Grave Miasma/Lucifyre

Before I played in Poisoncharge (speed/punk/black)

Temple Of Worms (old school death metal)

Into Glory Ride's picture

Not myself at the moment but i would like to do some advertisement for the band of a friend of mine, NEPHOS. It's a two piece and they play atmospheric Black/Death somewhere between Bölzer, Inquisition, Sulphur Aeon and Bathory, yet still have their own unique approach and atmosphere. Not only does he write all the lyrics , but he is also responsible for the whole concept including the complete graphical design, etc.

These are two songs of their upcoming Demo "Zyklus", that will be released this year:


Check it out !

Blackslashband's picture

We put together a fun, self-made video for our latest song "Eyes Of A Stranger". Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXg7j4VB5qc

Metalmate's picture

I quite liked that!

Blackslashband's picture

Thanks dude

greatabyss's picture

Demo from few years back. Sorry for the shitty sound:


Nephorma's picture

Unceremonial (melodic black/death influenced by Dissection, Sacramentum, Necrophobic, Unanimated, etc)

Delusions of Godhood (melodic death metal influenced by Gates of Ishtar, Eucharist, Kalmah, Noumena, old In Flames, etc)

Gorejuicexxx's picture

Hahaha we both play the same style. Well i have other band thats influenced by the early swedish death metal scene.
Right now closure its my main band. Which is death doom, just like your other project
Good luck in your bands! I will check them out for sure

marcFF's picture

Dude, I just check your band Delusions of Goodhood and I really like the style of the band and the music in general! you just earned a new fan haha

Keep up the good work

EQA's picture

Talent like this in the US? That's nice to see.

Nephorma's picture

Also have a new project in the works, nothing released yet, but the demo will end out soon! (Influenced mostly by Jehova Elohim Meth / Dance of December Souls / For Funerals To Come-era Katatonia).

Thrashattck94's picture
Gorejuicexxx's picture

Hi guys
I sing in a death/doom band called Closure. Check us out if you dig 90s katatonia and early paradise lost

BandCamp : https://officialclosure.bandcamp.com/
Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/album/5aYRMN1H4t0wW313ub2hI8
YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyJu5JXB_Dk_anG9M_6ruaQ/featured

Thanks in advance!

EQA's picture

Best band in this thread! I mean it.

Gorejuicexxx's picture

Wow... thanks for your kind words
I really appreciate it :)

EQA's picture

I'll purchase a copy when I get a chance. Definitely fits right into my collection. I'm still too shy to share anything haha.

Gorejuicexxx's picture

Wow... thanks a lot for your support ;)
Im so glad you like it ;)
I really appreciate i

Thrashattck94's picture

Here's one of our songs from our first show last week! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_FbFEiVvv0

killerdiy's picture

Recently released the first demo from a new project of mine called THROWN!!!

Satanic Speed Rock n Roll!
Think Bathory, later Darkthrone, Motorhead, Venom, etc.


toxikholocaust's picture

Im in 2 bands,
Black/Thrash/Heavy - Nekrowitch (Releasing Debut album this year)
Death/Thrash - Severator (New Material soon)
check us out, we'll really appreciate it :)

Witches Spell - Nekrowitch
Bloodletting - Severator

Albtraum's picture

Disparage (Death Metal):

Maybe I'll record the rest of that demo someday...

Thrashattck94's picture

A needed update: me and Culloden have finshed recieding our parts for the EP. It's going through the mixing process right now.

Thrash_Maniac's picture

The demos of Inverted Cross are out for grabs. 50 white copies and 50 black copies. If someone would like one, hit me up!

John Christ's picture

I recently started a NWoBHM influenced band with a friend, hope you enjoy our first track:


Metalmate's picture

Nice hint to Legriffe :)

iodustv7's picture

Here's the debut EP from the death metal band I'm in, Gland.


Metalmate's picture

Cool intro

iodustv7's picture

The one thing we didnèt do, lol, thanks.

Zastrozzi's picture

I was in a kind of experimental raw BM band - we were listening to a TON of Woods of Infinity and Abigor, and kinda meshed the two (the experimentalism of WOI and the reverb melodies of Abigor) but also wanted to be weird in our own way:


MasterDeath's picture


"A track from a Croatian black/death metal band in vain of Beherit, Blasphemy, Archgoat, Black Witchery and Bestial Warlust..."

Steelforce97's picture

Chronic Infection from Guadalajara

Into Glory Ride's picture

The first release of my new ambient project Uppstigning, "Heros", came out a few days ago.

Musically it's set somewhere between the newer Burzum releases (Sol Austan, Mani Vestan) and Berlin school electronics like Tangerine dream - so i was told.

The theme deals with ideas and concepts of selfovercoming, defiance and ascension.

Listen and, if you like, support here:


John Christ's picture
lole66's picture

First album of my French heavy metal band Tentation out in September:

T-skjort-Slaktarn's picture

Bakterion, debutalbum "Through the stratosphere", out now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clzgY0_Tvf8

Buy it from me.

kierahafuturu's picture


for any fans Watain, dissection and etc. atmospheric black metal

megaghost1983's picture

Nick Chambers, I sing and write for my Band Knight & Gallow
Representing Sacramento California and the Traditional Heavy Metal Scene https://open.spotify.com/artist/3TIaO8JdhbG2LbXFIYaHpI?si=i_5d91v-Qnia21...

Rattenkrieg's picture

Yooo neighbor! I haven't heard of you guys before, glad I checked this thread! :)

Rattenkrieg's picture

OSDM from Davis, California. Mixing old + new death metal sounds. Just released a new ep! I sing and play guitar, but I also recorded bass on this one.


Graffux's picture

Butchered Saint/ Burial Shroud
Cheese Grater Masturbation

fauzan big's picture

Spellforger, Black Thrash from Indonesia. I play bass in here.
Debut EP was released by Personal Records (Mexico).

Gorejuicexxx's picture

I have your ep! Haha jacobo is a friend of mine so i bought it from him

fauzan big's picture

Haha that's cool! Thanks for the support mate! Jacobo is really awesome guy

stevenICB's picture

Not me, but I helped produce this tape. Black metal with some slower tremolo-y bits, as well as faster, d-beat infused tracks.


Wolves_Of_Hades's picture

Guitar/Vocals in Dödsrit (Melodic Black Metal FFO: Dissection, Martyrdöd, Vanum, Wolves in The Throne Room)

Guitar in Destructo (Black/Thrash Metal FFO: Bathory, Sarcofago, Syphilitic Vaginas, G.I.S.M.)

Guitar in Krigshetsare (D-beat / Raw Punk FFO: Totalitär, Anti Cimex, Framtid)

Bass in Verwoed (Black Metal FFO: Deathspell Omega, Svartidaudi, Yellow Eyes)

GoreGrinder666's picture

Hey guys, I do vocals for PTOMATOPSIAA. With members from Haggus and Missenthropic Noise. It's a hypergore grind band.

John Christ's picture

I torture the guitar in here: https://youtu.be/2_GvFzaAzfw

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