Are you in a band???

leathalmeowerSun, 04/12/2011 - 09:07

If so, post a link to one of your songs or something!

Im the lead guitarist (and sometimes vocalist) for my band Misanthropic Exsanguination of Origins Wondered (M.E.O.W. for short)

Enjoy this thread as a YouTube playlist! Aaaah!

Adrian's picture

I'm not in a band, I am the band!

Rough mix of one of the new songs from the upcoming release:

Blüdrayne's picture

very rough. will be interested to hear the final mix though...

leathalmeower's picture

Sweet i like the vocals!

meaningless's picture

lol good statment dude :D

ToxikAssault's picture

Yes... kinda. I have a couple of solo projects, which will remain solo projects until I decide other. I have lots of original songs which haven't been recorded yet :/
I also have some rough demos but they all are in my other hard drive :(

vomitoxic's picture

I have a solo drone doom project but no songs yet on hard drive or anywhere yet. I think I'll start with my friends some grindcore project somewhere in next year.

leathalmeower's picture

kick ass stuff dude

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just started one called 'Overruled' with Marcothrash and another friend, mostly covering songs but I've got a shitload of songs/riffs which we can use for own songs

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Similar to Adrian, i'm working on an old school death metal style band called Pentagore, no releases yet im still in the recording process

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I'm not in a band, but my boyfriend is. If I can figure out how to post things like videos and sound links, I'll post as soon as he records new material. He's gonna go to Oklahoma later this month to record a new album with his old band!

megadeth1818's picture

we're gonna try recording that song and another one by the end of the week

TheWitchburner's picture

Kinda, we're still in the ''get together and play some shit'' process.

Mitchell's picture

im in a shitty band called metallica..

ErichZann's picture

In that case, can you pay my grad school tuition, rich bastard? ;)

lak89's picture

I used to be in a few one off bands, but not at the moment.

Rover133's picture

No band cause I got no skilz except headbanging. I feel like I'm cursed with the love of metal music and the inability to play it.

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I'm in a band called Skuh, here is a video of us playing one of our songs. Hopefully we'll have a more professional-sounding recording soon, but this is all we got at the moment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YgiYV31m0g&safety_mode=true&persist_safe...

leathalmeower's picture

nice! i can hear some slayer-like influences!

eddiethehead666's picture

I'm actually in a little Sepultura cover band with a couple of my buddies. We're gonna play a school talent show on saturday! haha

lole66's picture

I play drums in Höly Ghözt:

lole66's picture

No opinion ?? ( Good or bad ... )

Adrian's picture

I avoid myspace like the plague because in the past two or so years it never loads well for me but I checked it out just for you! Sounds cool!

leathalmeower's picture

very kick ass riffs, drums are awesome as well man!! I dont usually listen to bands with such clean sounding vocals but i have a very open mind. If only i understood french Haha

Doctor Butcher's picture

i wish :|

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I had a dream a few days ago: I was in a black metal band,we were doing a live ritual at some venue, but the band argued and it split..then I was in tim hortons and then I woke up.......I realized don't even know how to play guitar, or do vocals...but fuck, it was a pretty epic dream.
Point being.....I really want to be in or at least help a black metal band one day.

megadeth1818's picture

you dont need to know how to play an instrument to in a BM band, just look at jewicide lol i kid, i kid

leathalmeower's picture

yea man just make your own style of vocals and go with it, originality is better than trying to be something you're not.

Tico Tyrant's picture

no, but what I mean is personal style or not...one has to have some vocal training and practice before being able to do vocals....I have zero. For music like black metal, or even death metal....if you don't use your lung capacity correctly or the throat a certain way, it doesn't sound right and it fucks up yer throat, aye!?

Hypercube's picture

Nah, you are getting too much into detail. Lol.

ChrisNOT's picture

Yeah! I'm the vocalist of the band Engraver Speed/Thrash Metal from Denmark!

Blüdrayne's picture

i'm actually secretly avril lavigne's backup bassist cum massage therapist.

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Nater90's picture

Damn....So jealous right now 8-|

Axeman's picture

Yes, I play lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, and lead vocals for Fatal Agent. We play speed and thrash metal, like ateophy, violator, toxik, etc. Recording our demo this weekend. You cn follow us on instagram @fatalagentofficial if you want one!

Nater90's picture

Cool name! Be sure to post here so we can all listen.

Axeman's picture

Thanx dude! Will do for sure once its done!

satan's radish's picture

I can't play anything. I have a lot of solo projects. Mostly noise stuff. It's all garbage. :)

Nater90's picture

Noise is epic as fuck, Thinking of making some myself for my solo song I'm working on.

What do you use to record?

judascrust's picture

Nothing wrong with noise and garbage dude, keep at it!! If people hate it you're doing something right!!!

Nater90's picture

I'm in two projects, One with a mate, the other by myself.

Will post stuff eventually.

MBF's picture

I was the lead guitar player and the bass player in this band, split-up few months ago with an unreleased new album: https://youtu.be/CUvk2S8eAb8

Btw now I'm in a new swedish death metal project called Rotting Mortuary, hopefully we are releasing a demo this year

formezzano's picture

Come cazzo fai a suonare con gli svedesi? Su Skype? XD

How the hell are you able to play with sweds,on Skype?

Spectrum's picture

Yep! I play drums,this is our first demo,we will record a new EP this year


DisgustingSemla's picture

Sounds good

Spectrum's picture

Thanks,glad you like it! New stuff is better imo...but well,my opinión doesn´t count hahaha

Stathis's picture

Nice stuff

Der Todesking's picture

Excellent stuff! Reminds me a bit of Abhorrence (fin) Vulgar Necrolatry demo.

andermatten's picture

a long time ago....must be about 25 years. my first band actually. we called ourselves 'amputations'. obviously strongly suffocation-influenced, and had about one song and only a part-time one-off drummer.

DeathByMetalAustralia's picture

Recently started a new band called Puncture Wound. Brutal death metal.

Previously in a brutal death metal band called Jesus Anal Penetration..

nameless_rites's picture

I used to play drums in a number of black/death metal bands but I got tired of working with other musicians, disorganization and flakiness of many metal players really started to wear on me as I got older. In recent years I've given it up and just focus on improving at solo classical guitar.

John Christ's picture

I play in some bands, but as for metal the only active "band" is this little chauvinistic fun project i started with a guy i only know via internet through patch trading, haha. He basically writes the songs and lyrics, sings and plays the rhtyhm guitar, i only played the lead guitar and solo parts and recorded the bass and programmed the drums:


Into Glory Ride's picture

Das ist ehrlich gesagt ziemlich hörbarer geiler Scheiß! Sag mal Bescheid, wenns washandfestes gibt.

John Christ's picture

Danke - wird gemacht!

Aaron Argersinger's picture

me on guitar and vid i made.

Into Glory Ride's picture

I was, it was called (a laught for my fellow Countrymen now:) Leichenforst.
Well, not much came out of it, just a private Demo Tape in shitty quality.

But i do my own music from time to time (playing guitar since i am 13) and i do the Vocals for a good friend. Actually not really my kind of "Black" Metal (Too little Metal) , it's more of a friendly turn and i just enjoy doing vocals. And i think he really has done a great production and is very talented when it comes to Songwriting and buildung up good atmosphere:

https://nachtklang.bandcamp.com/track/ozean (Vocals start at about 04:15)

John Christ's picture

Kann man dich irgendwo Gitarre spielen hören? Die Leichenforst Demo würde mich ja schon interessieren, haha. Ziemlich amtlicher Sound bei Nachtklang, saubere Produktionsarbeit von deinem Kumpel!

Into Glory Ride's picture

Nee, musikalisch ist alles ausschließlich seins. Oder meinst Du, obs von mir irgendwo was gibt?
Auf meinem heimischen Rechner jede Menge, eventuell (!) gucke ich da mal durch ob irgendwas für die Welt vorzeigbar ist. Ich hab die echt aus Interessenverschiebung 5 Jahre nicht in der Hand gehabt.
Hehe, das Demo besteht eigentlich nur aus Proberaumunfug und Musik ohne Schlagzeug und Gesang, echt nicht hörenswert.
Ja, und alles in seinem heimischen Keller. Ist ja heute alles sehr viel einfacher geworden.

Wenn die Sterne günstig stehen, setzen wir uns vielleicht in absehbarer Zukunft mal an das Stoner/Psychedelic-Projekt, das wir schon ewig im Ofen liegen haben...

John Christ's picture

Ja genau, ich meinte ob's von dir irgendwo was gibt! Ja, das stimmt wohl. Heutzutage ist's auf jeden Fall um einiges leichter DIY-Demos zu machen.

Und klingt interessant, das Projekt!

Into Glory Ride's picture

Ich schau mal ob ich mich dazu durchringen kann, hehe ... Das meiste ist wirklich unfertiger Kram, schlecht produziert etc.

Ich geb Bescheid, wenns was gibt!

Pan's picture

I do double duty as bass and vocals in HYPERCARNIVORE.



We're comin' for that ass.

Nater90's picture

Sounds wicked mate!!!

Love the artwork too.

Pan's picture

Ayy, thanks dude!

Ravishing Grimness's picture

Sounds good...

Wolves_Of_Hades's picture

I play guitar & do vocals in Nuclear Devastation. Blackened Crustpunk/Thrash Metal


John Christ's picture

My main band i have with my best friend, no metal but maybe some of you enjoy it though:


Into Glory Ride's picture

Wow, ziemlich cool! Und vor allem handwerklich echt schwer beeindruckend. Einer von euch hat nen sehr geilen Schnurrbart! Aber ich tippe mal drauf, dass Du für Gesang und Gitarre zuständig bist.

John Christ's picture

Danke dir! Freut mich sehr, dass es dir gefällt! Ja, und die Haare zum Bart sind übrigens echt, viele denken ja dass das eine Perücke ist, hahaha. Knapp daneben getippt, der hat zwar auch eine Kutte, aber ist nicht hier auf TSS aktiv. Ich bin der andere Gitarrist.

Into Glory Ride's picture

Jetzt wo Du es sagst könnte es in der Tat eine Perücke sein! haha

maidenmad77's picture

Noise Abuse (Grind)- I do vocals in this band https://noiseabuse.bandcamp.com/
Witchcrusher (Blackmetal? grind)- I play guitar but weve split up now https://witchcrusher.bandcamp.com/
Feral State (Dbeats) have only just joined on guitar so not on these recordings https://feral-state.bandcamp.com/releases
If you like any of it all three of these bands are on facebook aswell \m/

grime81's picture

feral state is pretty cool sounding!

nekkromaniac's picture

I do vocals in Nekkromaniac (Yeah, just like my username. Pretty inventive, I know. ;))

Maybe you enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAHbQhVWbm4

Into Glory Ride's picture

Cool Demo, i can recommend it!

T.N.B.M. Cymbalvoldtektsmann's picture

https://misanthropicexistence.bandcamp.com/album/death-shall-be-served yes I am, I played drums and contributed vocals to this, our debut LP.


nexnetherealm's picture

I used to be. Would be nice to be in one again haha

UnholyAndRotten's picture

Oldschool Death Metal from Germany.
Our latest song:

EQA's picture

Sometimes I make some necro garbage instrumentals and get my friend to do vocals on them. Just for fun and all.


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