Are patches on pants worth it?

Fri, 17/03/2017 - 20:46

I have a pair of black jeans I love wearing since they're really comfortable and fit me nicely. They've unfortunately started tearing apart in the crotch which pretty much allows everyone to see my junk. I'm not exactly super shy but I get a feeling most people won't love crotchless jeans in public. I was gonna use some regular completely black patches to repair the rips in the areas that aren't facing outwards and the rest would be black and white band patches with maybe some other black patches with a dash of colour. I'm not too keen on wasting time sewing on patches if it's only gonna last a few more weeks than usual so what's everyone's experience with patches on jeans?


Dont do it.
*My tattoo artist showed me this dude that got two back pockets tattooed on his ass cheeks. That was hilarious so those "pants" would be cool.


Haha nah man I'm not gonna force someone to look at my ass for that long.


if you can sew patches to stay long term on denim jacket or vest, as long as the pants are not too much stretch denim it should hold similar.
i would suggest using similar color strong denim, printed patches fade of course, but fuck it. use the denim to repair holes and re-inforce and use band patches over the repairs and in nice visibility spots


I was just planning on having a few band patches and some political stuff on there. The majority would just me scraps of random textile to repair them.

An Overdose Of Mkultra

Go for it. I have a pair of cargo shorts I'm doing the same thing with.


do they hold up as long as on jackets? Wasn't planning on using band patches in the areas that'll be getting the most friction but I'd rather have a patch for years on a jacket instead of destroying it completely after less than a year on pants.


As a skater my jeans are pretty prone to groin tears. Patching them well and regularly can prolong the life of jeans significantly. Although its a bit of a time waster.

But perhaps since I'm guessing you don't skate, you wont need to tend to them as often. Either way I'd say go for it. Trial and error is the only way to find out if patched jeans work for you.


No skating but yeah the groin area tends to rip apart after a few months and it's pretty annoying. Will try some different things but nice to know there's generally positive experiences.


Worth it if there's a band that really sucks and you sew it on your ass. Buddy of ours did that one time and when we all had a kegged party we all took turns kicking him in the ass!!! Lol!!! Shit was funny!!!!


hmmm I wonder if Abba patches exist.


I believe they did back in the 70s they had a patch that just said ABBA. Patches back then weren't very extravigant


It's only worth it if you plan on becoming a Crusty and hopping freight trains

satan's radish

Ditto. "Crust pants" seem really try hard-ish to me on anyone else but traveler kids, honestly (even though quite a lot of them have smartphones and credit cards and mommy and daddy's money to get by). Then again, I am all about being economical and maintaining garments by patching holes. I grew up poor. I get a total boner out of repairing clothes or buying used as an alternative to buying new, so I'm not gonna judge someone for having patchy pants. I even have a pair of patched cotton shorts uploaded to this very site. I just think setting out to make "crust pants" as a fashion statement is pretty pathetic. Especially from the people who only wear them on the weekends.


I have 2 pairs of pants and really hate wasting money (they get quite expensive) on new pants so often. Wouldn't even call them crust pants but really just figured I might as well use some band patches I'm not planning to use otherwise. They're practically falling apart but they're extremely comfortable. And hey I mean I gotta spend my sabbath year doing something so why not trainhopping? :p

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