Are patches on pants worth it?

Fri, 17/03/2017 - 20:46

I have a pair of black jeans I love wearing since they're really comfortable and fit me nicely. They've unfortunately started tearing apart in the crotch which pretty much allows everyone to see my junk. I'm not exactly super shy but I get a feeling most people won't love crotchless jeans in public. I was gonna use some regular completely black patches to repair the rips in the areas that aren't facing outwards and the rest would be black and white band patches with maybe some other black patches with a dash of colour. I'm not too keen on wasting time sewing on patches if it's only gonna last a few more weeks than usual so what's everyone's experience with patches on jeans?

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  • Good suggestion...i have a reverend bizarre purple patch to go on the bottom of the back @Atomicide. However more sabbat
  • Great shirt!
  • Great shirt!!!
  • Can't go wrong with Uncle Acid. How about putting some more purple patches on there?
  • superb \m/ 5flames
  • I like the back especially that Possessed logo towering above your backpatch.
  • Daniel - sadly, no. Can't afford to go to Europe.
  • great kutte. What size (cm) is that Dopethrone patch?
  • Dude thats badd ass!! I love Darkthrones crust punk/metalpunk phase.
  • How about using the F.O.A.D. patch from Darkthrone instead of their logo?
  • cheers Brother!! I kkutte has got a ways too go tho. Love toxic Holocaust, lucky enough to have seen them a few times.
  • Awesome shirt, man! Full flames!
  • that vest looks awesome as fuck, that toxic holocaust shield patch looks badass!!
  • like the stud work. Been meaning to add some to my vests. V.nice.
  • funny you should mention that Mate, I just ordered a red Baphomets blood patch for the bottom.
  • That De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas looks great in white
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