Are 'cutoff' shirts worth anything?

Fri, 04/08/2017 - 03:09

Do you remember, back when girls who wore band shirts used to cut off the waist body of the shirt in order to show off the belly.

I have 2 really cool band shirts from the glory days of Napalm Records. One an Abigor longsleeve shirt even. The nice lady I bought it from though had the waist of the shirt cut high to show the belly. Though the artwork is in tact, ive gotten a lot of negative responses. Most people seemed to think the shirts were not worth trading.

So the question is, what do you guys do with shirts like these... especially when they are for very rare albums or whatever?


I can't imagine a truncated shirt that has been shortened by inches is worth much even if the art is rare and intact. A rare shirt will be devalued by accidental damage, why would that change if the damage is intentional?

Der Todesking

Hm, if you can trade it to a female that likes to wear those kind of shirts (cut) why wouldn't she trade or buy it for a worthy price? I think it ain't as much worth as it would be intact, but damage doesn't really much affect the value of a very rare shirt....


I'd prefer a rare "cutoff" shirt than nothing. The older and rarer the more flexible I can be with the condition of the tshirt.

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