Are 'cutoff' shirts worth anything?

Fri, 04/08/2017 - 03:09

Do you remember, back when girls who wore band shirts used to cut off the waist body of the shirt in order to show off the belly.

I have 2 really cool band shirts from the glory days of Napalm Records. One an Abigor longsleeve shirt even. The nice lady I bought it from though had the waist of the shirt cut high to show the belly. Though the artwork is in tact, ive gotten a lot of negative responses. Most people seemed to think the shirts were not worth trading.

So the question is, what do you guys do with shirts like these... especially when they are for very rare albums or whatever?

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  • Absolutely!
  • Nevermind they're sold out. Thats just like me to find out after the fact.
  • They have others?
  • Thats luck :) Really... ive found cds that way... Been there for yours until i bought them :)
  • Ok... So you guys are talking about gehenna... let me say muy fav album from them is... adimiron black :) There...
  • Exactly!
  • Love the red border version. where did you get it?
  • Very nice indeed, defenitely my nr 1 guilty pleasures band.
  • love the colors
  • Now I think about, that's a very valid point!
  • Thank you all!
  • damn i love this
  • Your comments are totally out of the blue! If you dont have something to say of value,why even bother...
  • I've got this patch on my jacket! A real rare find.
  • Wow!!! Never seen a sweater version. Not their best album, but still a great item.
  • yes they sure changed their sound along the way. I can listen and love them up up until Black Symphony.
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