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Anybody have a Wilderun patch for sale?

Wed, 03/08/2022 - 02:53

One of the few bands I'm missing a patch for my jacket is Wilderun. I know that patches for this band exist, but the only one I can find for sale is around $50 after shipping which is far too much for one patch for me (since it's not a backpatch I'm looking for, just a regular one). Does anyone know where I could get one for less than $50?

Kriegaz's picture

Only thing I can see is an official logo patch here for a few dollars if that interests you: https://shop.tritonstyle.com/Wilderun-Logo-Patch_1

ThayerY's picture

Yeah unfortunately that's the one that I went to order and it came out to around $50 with shipping.

Kriegaz's picture

Maybe you can get a European to order it for you and send it off to you from them? It definitely does not cost anything close to $50 to send a strip of fabric to the USA from anywhere in Europe.

ThayerY's picture

That's not a bad idea. Yeah I've ordered plenty of patches from overseas before, I think this one is so expensive because the only shipping option was some weird archaic one I've never heard of. Anyways, I'll take your advice and try to find someone who would be interested, thanks.

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