any cool concerts this year youve seen?

Tue, 15/08/2017 - 21:01

I got to see slayer lamb of god and behemoth play so far but that's it, cant wait for burzum to open for darkthrone when I totally get to see them live 100% not lying

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  • For sure!
  • Thanks Vadim :)
  • Ohh yeahh.
  • here's a link to that Enslaved shirt. Not sure if you are interested.
  • Always loved this version ! Really nice condition.
  • Common problem with Burzum shirts. They don't date it or tag it. You never know!
  • Really Nice !!! Looks like a really rare one.
  • yeah crazy...but they should remove that website or shirts that they don't have... I ordered it from backstreetm
  • Killer !!!
  • It was purchased by me a few years later than the original, so I'm sure it's a re-print.
  • Hahahaha really odd indeed... So... you are going to buy it from omerch?
  • Haha, thank you!
  • Eduardo, i am not sure what they are really...its kind of funny...from what i read on google, it seems there is a guy na
  • Great news, Vadim! So... tshirtsville its not a good option to buy shirts :(
  • Nice! Looks like variation of Zus Kia Cultus
  • Congrats on the first LS! mine was in 1999 Moonspell Opium for the Masses.
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