ALCHEMY & PAGAN Catalogue - Going to create one and YOU can help!

Fri, 30/10/2015 - 17:59

So, as much as I hate collecting things (that's why I sell stuff as soon as I realize I can't use it),
I developed a liking to vintage 3D pins and pendants.
It's something else than patches and the more I find (by accident), the more I get interested in these long discontiued stuff.

Therefore I decided to create a catalogue, which will be available for free online.

I'm thinking about a html version and a pdf version.
That way you can look at all the stuff that exists...or at least is known to exist.
I was always hoping that some members upload old catalogues again, but it never happened.
I don't own all existing pins, but some members have an impressive collection.
Therefore I have to ask for permission to use their pics (you will get credit for it).

So far, I saved pics from the following members:
Ruit, Grimmfist, Morbideath, ajnin, devil40, dubtribe

I will contact these members and maybe ask for more infos.


then feel free to contact me or post in this thread.
But I'm only looking for Alchemy (Carta, Gothic, Poker, Rox) and Pagan stuff.
Also 80s stuff, even if they are bootlegs.
I will publish the link, when the project is finished (in this thread and on my profile)


A screenshot of the stuff so far.
"Other" is mixed and unidentified stuff.
Basically just a quick screenshot so you'll get an impression. Almost 800 pics. :)

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