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UnsMoeTue, 07/08/2018 - 02:33

Hi guys,

I was looking for patches on ebay and found the below S.O.D. patch:


At first everything seemed alright with the patch but after comparing it with patches on this page the colours seemed a bit odd.

I then had a look at his other patches for sale + sold items. All the colours seem a bit weird to me compared to the original patches ?

Do you think that the patch is authentic and it is just because of the picture / camera ?

Thanks for your help !

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Recent Comments

  • nice LS, Any chance for you to sell it?
  • nice LS, Any chance for you to sell it?
  • ach kennt die noch einer ausser mir xD
  • Mortillery!!!
  • Awesome Nargaroth back patch!
  • Love the minimalism!
  • Yes it is. Thanx, man! :)
  • Wie konntest Du nur den MARTIRE abnehmen? Wenn ich den hätte, käme der auf meine Kutte und würde da BLEIBEN! ;)
  • Is this from ebay?
  • Such a good design, the sleeves on these are bad ass. Great use of the split artwork
  • Still have that Bulldozer?
  • Nice one
  • Sure, Lord Nater van 90, always cranks loud here. ;D Thanx a lot! :)
  • Thanks!
  • Hell yeah! I love the Mandalorians they're so badass looking
  • thanks! I was also wanting to put my old chain on the back too Glad you liked it!


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