2018 - Metal wish!

Sun, 31/12/2017 - 14:11

Apart from people coming back to life what metal related thing would you like to see happen in 2018 ?
- some band reform
- new album from
- tour in your country by band

For me it would be for S.O.D. to do a reunion tour and come to Australia

rusty74's picture

Hypocrisy & My Dying Bride to tour Aus, Paradise Lost to tour Aus again playing either Gothic or Icon from start to finish, new music from Hypocrisy ,new music from Aussie bands Misery, Astriaal & Laceration Mantra, i could write a book but that will do.

DeathFuckinMetal's picture

agree with you on Hypocrisy to come over here, they were meant to come in Jan of 2013 but it got cancelled

rusty74's picture

Yeah, i read that the promoter didn't organize their work visa's so they could not play, i know Peter is touring Aus with Pain this year, so hopefully Hypocrisy will not be too far off.

Behemoth116's picture

I agree with you on Hypocrisy. Would love to see them make some new stuff since pain just did an album.

rusty74's picture

Totally, always up for new Hypocrisy tunes.

Behemoth116's picture

Just listen to this radio show that aired yesterday and Peter was the special guest. Turns out he wrote 5 songs for Hypocrisy and is hoping to release an album this year in September.

rusty74's picture


Nater90's picture

Fuck yeah, Keen for that!!

Hopefully it comes out on my birthday!!

Nater90's picture

Agreed with Craig, Would love to see My Dying Bride!

Tour from Amorphis playing Tales from the Thousand Lakes in full like they've been doing everywhere!!!

New album by Tool haha.

Bolt Thrower to reform and come to AUS.

rusty74's picture

Agree with your Amorphis wish, did you catch them when they came here in 2013, they were bloody great.

Nater90's picture

Sadly no...Was getting driving lessons because if I didn't get my license I would've lost my job...

Joel's picture

I'd like to see Bolt Thrower do some kind of Realm of Chaos 30th anniversary tour.

Nater90's picture

That would be epic as tits!

DarkValkyrieofDeath's picture

new IWABO album would b nice

FinnishSalute's picture

Honestly, just for more metal bands to come to where I live. Not nearly enough shows worth going to unless I wanna break the bank and go to a nearby major city to see a concert.

Also maybe another Deathspell Omega record but I feel like we aren't going to hear from them for a while.

Necro Rican's picture

Hope Demolition Hammer and other recognizable bands tour Puerto Rico, now that the island is still not recovered by Hurricane Maria, and they were planned to perform here october and Immolation during the holiday season but both events were cancelled :(.

Antonio's picture

Do not hear anymore from my long, long-standing friend of gigs..." I'm not interested to see Maiden live again... ". That's all !! :)

Unjustifiablexistence's picture

A S.O.D. reunion tour would be amazing but according to Scott that won't happen right? I just hope I'll get my battlejacket done and see some concerts.. And a new Tool or Rammstein album maybe? haha

DarkValkyrieofDeath's picture

Also new Rammstein album how could I forget them???

TheeKvltOv's picture

I think I would like to meet a fellow Metalhead in real life.

Apart from that..

Maybe, I can go to my first show this year.

ajnin's picture

you have never meet a fellow metalhead ?

TheeKvltOv's picture

I have not man. Everyone in my area listens to rap and club music.

That's why it would be very interesting for me to meet like-minded people from the point of view of musical interest in real life.

Then again it's just a wish from a humble Metalhead.

Ravishing Grimness's picture

There is a new Metalfest overhere which includes Dark Tranquility and Equibrilium if i spelled that right.Much more bands to be confirmed.Looking forward

Behemoth116's picture

That sounds amazing

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