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Conqueror War/Noise/Black/Death Skin (Not finished)

Ahn's picture

Looks good! The stitching is awesome and the layout is well done!

eyesontheinside's picture

Im really glad you like it, but this isnt gonna end here...

Into Glory Ride's picture

Fucking fantastic both in band choice , layout and execution. Favourite.

eyesontheinside's picture

Thanks man, appreciate it alot! More is to come...

MortalFate's picture

You've done very well. Doesn't need studs.

eyesontheinside's picture

Thank you, id still like to put studs un my upper arms and upper back

GoatMaiden's picture

Geile Jacke, heil DTH!

eyesontheinside's picture

Danke! Was heißt denn "DTH"?

GoatMaiden's picture

Death 😁

Into Glory Ride's picture

Ich war schon entsetzt, dass du plötzlich Die Toten Hosen hörst...

GoatMaiden's picture


RAT COVENANT's picture

Fantastischer Hexenschuss-Aufnäher! Es ist immer gut, etwas Kellersynth zu erblicken.

eyesontheinside's picture

Hat meine Freundin für mich gemacht, ist einfach super, danke!

RAT COVENANT's picture

Kein Ding, Falls Interesse besteht, habe ich auch auf meinem Label etwas in die Richtung Kellersynth veröffentlicht:



eyesontheinside's picture

Danke fürs teilen, werd reinschauen.

Falls dichs interessiert: ich poste meine illustrationen/ musik auf instagram:


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Recent Comments

  • They do look solid but won't fit. I go for more of a black metal/war look.
  • Brown border looks so good! Can’t wait for mine 🤘
  • Hell yeah they are. So underrated. 🤘🏻
  • Hells yeah 🔥🤘🏻
  • Wholeheartedly agree!
  • I have the Backpatch of this Design! Killer!
  • When I get up on the weekend and start my lawnmower, I always scream at the grass "BEFORE YOU SEE THE LIGHT YOU MUS
  • This came out looking unexpectedly good for him, because imo his oversized patches tend to be pretty terrible design wis
  • Yes, it is.
  • Never knew this either, thanks for showing us a side by side!
  • Even with the sleeves missing, I can see wearing this around in summer quite a bit.
  • Man, the golden thread logo is one hell of an eye catcher! Full stop mindboggling \m/
  • Pulling the strings of the soft spots within my musical tastes.
  • A hattrick of hallmark legends, great assembly of some standout quality pins. Killer treat!
  • Thanks!
  • Anytime man! \m/