Vestos V6: "Probably finished" edition

Fri, 24/11/2017 - 16:55

Only a few changes from last time. But short of any damage, I'm pretty sure I've finally settled on a layout. I mean, the thing can't get any fuller without ruining the structure. And I don't think I'll be finding replacements for the couple patches that I'd consider replacing, anytime soon.

Not for sale or trade
Vestos V6: "Probably finished" edition
Vestos V6: "Probably finished" edition


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  • Thanks man!!
  • Was a brilliant couple of nights!!!!
  • Relics of Humanity is good but a bit too brutal for me. Hope i got the correct one. There is few of them.
  • Amazing tshirt !
  • I'll kill for that!!!!
  • erghh living conditions are questionable. It depends what you have in Belarus.
  • great pics, some of pics of pics even!
  • Hey! It does, but it´sL size. It is written in the note: NOT for sale or trade :-D
  • wow amazing where did you get it if it is not a secret ;)
  • I'll see, if they gonna sell them on Minsk gig, then I will try to get you one, can't promise that 100%, but I
  • Probably they will add some stickers/flyers or maybe even poster to order, and if you interested, you can also check out
  • I'm guilty too...
  • Legendary back patch!
  • Yup, it's everywhere. I think a lot of us are guilty of doing it.
  • Lastima no tengo varo o algo para cambiar por el momento.
  • Damn. Download only for me then.
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