vestos v5: almost finished edition

Mon, 24/07/2017 - 14:35

Only four changes from last time, but I've had this layout for a little while now. And for the first time since I started it back in 2013, it finally feels almost complete, instead of just feeling good enough for now.

Apart from wear and tear, there's only four more changes I plan to make if I can find the right patches. So any help finding them would be much appreciated
1: Something thrash to go next to Havok, to balance out Heresiarch
2: Something else thrashy the same size as Caetera
3: Possibly something to replace Dark Angel, maybe a better Dark Angel patch if I can find one, or maybe Sadus
4. Something of roughly the same size to replace Children of Bodom

Not for sale or trade
vestos v5: almost finished edition
vestos v5: almost finished edition


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