vestos v4: 2017 edition

Sun, 15/01/2017 - 16:26

Retired my Sepultura backpatch, added a bottle opener, added and replaced a few smaller patches. A few more changes may be on the way, but I'm still searching for the right patches to fill the spots.

I've also included a closeup of where Unleashed, Watain, Dissection and High On Fire was added. Mostly to give a better look at the Watain since I haven't seen it uploaded to this site prior.

And some closeups of the S.O.D. pin and Motorhead pendant I've attached to the collar. Since they are a bit hard to see otherwise.

Not pictured are signatures from all of Enslaved circa 2013, Chris from Gloryhammer/Alestorm and all of The Beards. I don't take signatures very seriously tbh

Not for sale or trade
vestos v4: 2017 edition
vestos v4: 2017 edition
vestos v4: 2017 edition
vestos v4: 2017 edition
vestos v4: 2017 edition
vestos v4: 2017 edition

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  • Yes, he is on TSS site.
  • Thanks man but i am afraid these Misanthropy shirts are a bit out of my budget for a single shirt.
  • Yes, yes they are.
  • Can i may ask where you have it from?
  • Good call, if you're interested send me a message!
  • nice!!
  • awesome ls!
  • I had the same shirt but my print washed out in three cleanings, horrible quality.
  • Javisst! Det riktigt lyser julefrid om den haha Tack för elden :)
  • you should also add that this is original from Misanthropy...might go quicker...damn nice LS!
  • Need.
  • Fy vad fin! Med denna kommer du att bli glöggaftonens självklara hårdrockshjälte!
  • Yep, you got that right !!!!
  • Best album and one of the best cover arts. It feels so dark.
  • Thanks!
  • thanks pal
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