Sweat Rag plus Leather jacket

Ye One-Eyed Old Man
Thu, 21/06/2018 - 03:30

The same band patches and paints as mentioned in the last upload remain on the vest. Studwork is new. Some patches which express a general attitude relateable to extreme metal have since been added to the leather jacket and vest. The Cathedral of the Black Goat patch was a limited edition piece offered at a show (headlined by Acheron) put on by that organization.
The runes are used under the simple interpretation of the traditional futhark, and not the Armanen futhark. I don't have a moral issue with the different representations and usages. I only want to note that I wear mine for a personally pagan/satanic association. That having been said, it also feels fun to walk around with an awareness that my get-up may cause offense. It's the little things.

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  • And the cover art is so 90s but totally awesome, haha!
  • Well, thnx, mate. I really like the sound of that E.P.
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  • Awesome ,indeed, really great band !
  • Yeah its getting hard to read o my phone. I see line for every word. My computer at work blocks tshirtslayer.
  • ha thats good. the shirt is good quality. I did see the reviews. Those guys got screwed big time.
  • Thanks !
  • yes mostly from the early 2000's era.
  • Thats really weird, I mean, you border with US. It also weird how much comments we posted here))
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  • Hm, maybe Bloody Kisses shirt. I don't think they will have shirts from the 90's.
  • Hammer Teil Wollte den auf eBay com kaufen, der Typ wollte aber 19€ für Versand :(
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