secondary vestos

Tue, 25/08/2015 - 05:55

Trying to keep this one relatively simple in contrast to main vest. Backs probably done for the foreseeable future, but not sure what to do with front. Simple front layouts just don't seem to work

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secondary vestos


Nine Turning Mirrors's picture

I don't like that backpatch, but the Undergang shape is brilliant.

deadlock's picture

I'm curious to hear what you have against the backpatch. But anyway hells headbangers currently have the Undergang patch in stock

Nine Turning Mirrors's picture

I always hated that motive, because I think it's very disrespectful towards Dead's family and close friends.

deadlock's picture

I can see why you would think that. But personally I think its the kind of thing Dead himself would have appreciated, so for me it even things out.

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  • Hahaha, Acid rock eat your heart out.
  • Got my glow-in-the-dark paint ready. It'll be like one of those fancy light show concerts. LOL
  • Sucks they broke up....amazing band, never got to see them. Fantastic shirt.
  • Go fourth and windmill!!!!
  • And here I was trying to figure-out what to do for my Sunday...
  • Hahaha, I was thinking on your cheeks, Never tried windmilling with your downstairs mix up to Cannibal Corpse in the bat
  • Chin balls, eh? Could you imagine what that would look like whilst head-banging?
  • Oh man that would be epic as hell to see Darkspace!!
  • Sure thing! I'm Hoping to hit a few concerts. I'm eyeballing the Maryland Death Fest.
  • Igor was so nice to me when I met him. Bet he was quite happy to meet you to ;)
  • Mission accomplished! \m/
  • Now here's one of their best designs!!!!!!!!
  • Not their best design, but still rate it \m/
  • Yeah I should pull my finger out and do the same...
  • Sweet. Excited to see them. I'm slowly uploading things. I've been pretty lazy about it.
  • Oh shit my sides hahaha, You're a fucking legend! Day = made.