Schlammblut Kutte X 2.0 (Bölkstoffhalter)

Thu, 21/09/2017 - 23:07

Please watch the video to see the whole upgrade in motion. :3

[UPDATE: Now with English subtitles.]

I already finished this beer holder several months ago, but I had no time to finish the embroidered writing (Bölkstoff). It's still unfinished, but the beer holder itself is fully functional, so I decided to release this latest upgrade anyway.

I made this beer holder with one of my denim sleeves, which was originally part of my vest, since this vest was originally a jacket. It has a solid denim bottom, it's fixed to my vest and you can actually open this beer holder to store bigger bottles like 0,7l bottles.

To the people who don't understand German; I just act like one of those fashion commentators.
in the video. :P


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  • Yes, yes they are.
  • Can i may ask where you have it from?
  • Good call, if you're interested send me a message!
  • nice!!
  • awesome ls!
  • I had the same shirt but my print washed out in three cleanings, horrible quality.
  • Javisst! Det riktigt lyser julefrid om den haha Tack för elden :)
  • you should also add that this is original from Misanthropy...might go quicker...damn nice LS!
  • Need.
  • Fy vad fin! Med denna kommer du att bli glöggaftonens självklara hårdrockshjälte!
  • Yep, you got that right !!!!
  • Best album and one of the best cover arts. It feels so dark.
  • Thanks!
  • thanks pal
  • Are those waterslide decals?
  • Damn fine patch
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