Schlammblut Kutte X

Sat, 29/10/2016 - 22:23

So I'm finally done moving most of my patches from "Schlammblut 3" (mud blood 3)
to this shorter and tighter vest. This was my previous vest:
As you can see, there is quite a change in style and patches.
I even transfered some denim of my previous vest to my new vest.

I'll add pins and chains soon, but I thought that it's already cam ready.
And as always, a lot of pics with me and without me to get the best impression what it really looks like. ;)


Not for sale or trade


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  • A man of taste :) Looking forward to see your other Dissection uploads
  • I will let you know, but I am not sure if I will since I agree that Reinkaos is the best album!
  • Yeah, you're probably right about that.
  • One of the best shirts
  • Ah okay, I thought this may have been a recent pressing or found deadstock or something. It is in fantastic condition!
  • They were so awesome when I saw them perform in 2012. Great memories :-D
  • True, but it was probibly made like this because it was like this on this release.
  • heavy
  • Sick!!!
  • Awesome!!!
  • \m/
  • Most welcome, brother! I'm happy you like it that much.
  • ok
  • Because they have been sold.
  • confused, why are most of your entries marked as 'sold' ?
  • I love it. Its literally the only patch i need from them
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