Schlammblut Kutte X

StereoDethSat, 29/10/2016 - 22:23

So I'm finally done moving most of my patches from "Schlammblut 3" (mud blood 3)
to this shorter and tighter vest. This was my previous vest:
As you can see, there is quite a change in style and patches.
I even transfered some denim of my previous vest to my new vest.

I'll add pins and chains soon, but I thought that it's already cam ready.
And as always, a lot of pics with me and without me to get the best impression what it really looks like. ;)


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Recent Comments

  • Congrats
  • Is there a name for that watchful looking eye I see on the sleeves? I see it often.
  • Hey Doc...i think they sell them in most cd stores right now. These are 2017 or 18 releases.
  • will try and get it man. They are hard to find in stores.
  • except for hot girls...we need those alive.
  • Thanks man! I agree! I am not sure i would wear their shirt though....all the mass sales...
  • overall its great and "dig up her bones" is just a bonus that works everytime :))
  • Thanks! Krisiun is one of my fav bands. Slowly tryibg to collect most of their shirts but a bit hard to find.
  • Cheers mate!
  • Awesome! Wish I could afford to make an offer for that "Arise" shirt... :(
  • Both are fucking rad and true treasures!
  • Looking badass!!!
  • Thanks dude ! I wanted to make a Thrash/Heavy/Speed vest, cause they are my styles of metal. I said to myself, i will
  • Yeah, I think so!
  • Awesome uploads man.. Really cool that you always add some information! It doesn't go unnoticed, trust me.
  • WOW! That 4th Crusade longsleeve is the coolest thing I've seen in a while..


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