Redback (Second Jacket 2.0)

Thu, 13/07/2017 - 04:53

Second revision of my vest. Some patches added, removed and switched around. I was originally going to make this one all about the bands that got me into heavy metal and it's different subgenres. And while that is still about 70% true there is some additions I couldn't resist. Not completely satisfied with the look of the shoulders, but I think they look the best they can for the moment. Might add/alter more in the future, but for the time being I think I'm done.

edit: added some better pictures of the patches beneath the armpits.

Not for sale or trade


iodustv7's picture

Cool Slayer patch on the bottom left of the back

Claudandus's picture

Thanks, I love the design of that one. The logo from the Diabolus era is one of their best. Simple but effective.

iodustv7's picture

Totally, I find the album in general gets more hate than it deserves

Claudandus's picture

I can see why people don't like it. Slayer tried to adapt to a new musical climate and it didn't really work for them. With that said I think the album has a few nice tracks. Stain of Mind, In the Name of God, Perversions of Pain and so on. if you take it for what it is I don't think it's that bad. A tad weak yes, but far from unlistenable.

deathchains's picture

I really like this man

Claudandus's picture

Thanks! =D

Isaac Chroner's picture

Awesome vest and a lot of killer patches!

Claudandus's picture

Thanks, it took me a while to find them all. Absolutely worth it in the end though.

Nuclear Bear's picture

Fantastic jacket man! Where did you get that Omega patch? Amazing one!!

Claudandus's picture

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it to be honest. I didn't think that album was popular enough to warrant a run(albeit a limited one) of patches.
I responded to your PM. =)

Nater90's picture

Great update bro! Couldn't find the official The Division Bell patch to do similar idea to you, So thinking I might get the hammers from the wall and put either side.

Claudandus's picture

Got mine from Rock by Mail I think, maybe they still have some? Pretty good page for classic heavy metarock patches.

Nater90's picture

Just looked, Sadly not, Been thinking of doing a P.F tribute kutte, Similar idea to your of separating the two stones, But bigger either side of a BP!!

Claudandus's picture

They do have a pretty cool Dark Side of the Moon patch I'm thinking about getting. But I don't really know what I'll use it for more than laying on standby.
That sounds like a pretty cool idea. I look forward to see the result.

The patch:

Nater90's picture

Yeah seen that looks pretty good, Fantastic album, Watched the making of documentary on it! Simply amazing.

Thinking maybe a shirt and put a solid backing so the graphic is even better!


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  • Awesome split, nice shirt too
  • great shirt! I'm hunting one of these shirt many years! full flames.
  • I have the same bp, I didn't knew it was official.How do you know it is official?
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  • where did you buy this gem ?:D
  • where did you buy it ? is it for sale ?
  • Yea'i bet.Moloch always has shirts fully designed.There are more bands from the side of Ukraine who have done that
  • Wahoo, impressive.
  • Mostdefinitely.I have a Japanese reissue of the record including the demo.
  • Beauty!!
  • Same here
  • Great melancholic album
  • A kult black metal ├ílbum
  • I know!
  • Yeah, apparently I'm wearing this one too lmao.
  • If I seem to share your "wearing" selection, wear the caladon brood longsleeve.
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