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Metallica Punk/Metal Hybrid "Crossover" battle jacket

Fri, 03/09/2021 - 07:19

Been working on this project for a while and I'm super proud of the result.

Combination of cloth patches, and hand painted stuff. All sewn with dental floss in true punk style. Accented with cone studs, safety pins, and bic lighter tops for a little extra flair. Had a lot of fun with this one, since I've never done a punk jacket before

Went with classic woven/ embroidered patches on this side with heavy-duty thread. Denim was dyed black, and I added metal spikes and a heavy chain around the side to give it that classic Metal look 🤘

I cut a denim jacket in half and worked on both the sides separately. When they were finished, I sewed it back together and finished it off with the DRI patch across the top joining the two sides together. Really proud of this one.

Let me know what you guys think!!

Not for sale or trade
Metallica Punk/Metal Hybrid "Crossover" battle jacket
Metallica Punk/Metal Hybrid "Crossover" battle jacket

vomitoxic's picture

Like the idea! Though I would have used more smaller patches on the metal backside instead of cutting a patch in half but it still works nicely

fuckenscooter02's picture

I dig this, great work man!

GabeG951's picture

What a beauty. Amazing job

invisible-horizons's picture

Very cool and unique idea! Punk’s not really my thing but this looks killer!

bad_american1992's picture

What a concept! Hahaha. If I was at a concert and saw you walk past twice, I would be very confused ahahaha. I like how DRI is the only patch that bridges the gap, since they tend to span both genres of music.

SOAD4.0's picture

Yeah its a little out there, but I hadn't seen anything like it before so I decided to let my imagination go wild. It also accurately represents me as a person in terms of musical taste, as I love both genres.

And yeah the DRI patch was the cherry on top for me lol

egoexmachina's picture

I really like the style and the concept of your jacket.

Thane's picture

Fuck yeah dude. Absolutely killer. I love when someone thinks outside the box

cambotero's picture

Nice and original idea, well executed!

BerachMalina96's picture

This is fucking sick

Pattersonpunk82's picture

Pretty inventive , and bad ass to boot . Well done

Crumbone's picture

Interesting idea, the compilation is visually successful and interesting. That leopard fur is original and "real punk" looking unlike others I have seen. Great vest, through and through.

Crumbone's picture

Even though the two sides a very different they look really cool next to each other. The patches you chose look hella bad ass with all the yellow, orange and red. The D rings are a nice touch on the punk side too.

MetalheadMarc's picture

Super badass. I'm currently working on a half-and-half vest myself but it definitely isn't as creative as this lol

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