Patched and painted leather

Tue, 05/12/2017 - 17:49

Relisting it since it didn't sell and it is breaking my heart to see it rot in a closet.

SELLING my leather jacket, which after years of dedication and a huge weight loss, has become far too big for me.

Original Last Rebels Leather, size XL but would fit an L as well.

Inquisition logo painted on the bottom back, few patches and pins still on it, but plenty of room for your fucked up imagination to use!

Jacket is around 7 years old and has aged pretty nicely. There are a few marks from previous patches / pins but you can barely see them unless you're looking close.

Please find this bad boy a new home! Offers, questions, inquiries, additionnal pictures via PM, every offer will be considered and answered to. (unless it is plain stupid like $5 for a leather jacket yeah right). I ship worldwide, domestic or registered as long as you cover the fees.

Sale only
Patched and painted leather
Patched and painted leather


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  • Sehr schickes Shirt. :) Welche Größe?
  • Well this is different!! Full flames for Ulver!!
  • Can anybody help me to get a copy of it. Didn't get any answer from SAGA.
  • I've got the same boot. And it is really awesome.
  • SEHR geil, hätte ich gerne im Regal zu stehen.
  • I've actually done something similar on a brown suede leather jacket! Well similar...
  • that looks awesome!!
  • me too....., new Tankard box, black sabbath box..etc etc...im lazy as fuck....
  • i hate this boxed print..but...damn..it was the only 'not black' shirt they were selling @Vienna ..so i bought
  • haha..well...its still me :) its packed in a sealed plastic-case here in my apartment ;) ....ill pm u
  • awesome hoodie
  • very nice hoodie
  • very nice one, i have a similiar LS...i think there should even a pic somewhere at home - im wearing it while stagedivin
  • Heißen Dank, ich geb' mir Mühe. ;)
  • Jävligt grym!
  • Schick schick! Hier kann man sich wirklich schon tierisch auf das fertige Teil freuen!


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