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Revenge My Vest, Updated Version

Wed, 19/01/2022 - 23:00

I have done a lot to my vest since the last time I posted. This is my favorite layout that my vest has had so far. Still planning to add more in the future. The brass and copper "patches" are handmade by me, they are acid etched. The yellow hand embroidery is inspired by slime mold, specifically Physarum polycephalum. Those jaws are coyote jaws painted with runes representing the sun and moon as a part of a larger theme on my vest. The teeth are also coyote.

Not for sale or trade
Revenge My Vest, Updated Version
Revenge My Vest, Updated Version
Revenge My Vest, Updated Version
Revenge My Vest, Updated Version

Bruxinhas's picture

For some reason it won't let me remove the first band name from my title on this and my other. Not sure why its there.

MortalFate's picture

That's a glitch we all deal with right now. Impressive vest.

FOAD's picture

This is not a glitch, the first name you enter in the field that is for the bands that are on the image you upload will automatically be placed at the beginning of the title.

MortalFate's picture

That's a glitch in web site programming. It needs to be fixed. Look at my jacket, same thing as here.

Thane's picture

Super unique vest, and totally fucking killer. 🤘🏻

Chab's picture


stevenICB's picture

Phenomenal. Doesn't feel too garish, despite being busy and packed with bands

PRISM's picture

I'm not a fan of backpatches on the front or logos put on vertically, but the overall colour scheme, the layout of the back and especially the yellow stiching emanating from the backpatch are superb. 10/5 flames.

Ahn's picture

Love the stitching! The front of the vest looks amazing and the bones on the back look sick as hell!

gynecrologist's picture

That will keep those pesky patches from coming loose.

rasmuskvist's picture

It's awesome to see your band on such an amazing vest!

Arkturean's picture

Wow, you don't see a kutte like that every day

Recluse's picture

Most beautiful and creative vest I've ever seen! Full flames!

Sungrave's picture

Very Awesome! What is the yellow stuff and how did you attach it? It almost looks like yarn.

fleshlightgod's picture

One of the most impressive vests I've seen!

kingdomofhannover's picture

Amazing vest mate! Very good setting and creativity!

metalhead-98's picture

Not my style, but this kind of creativity deserves these flames! u.u

bad_american1992's picture

This is fucking crazy!!! Hectic unique and completely original! I dig the symbolisms that you've tied into this as well. Really impressive, five chaotic flames for you

OddGrower's picture


kp623's picture

Remember seeing an earlier version of this on Reddit, one of the most creative and aesthetically pleasing vests I've ever seen.

CharcoalChickenEnthusiast's picture

this is a fucking work of art holy shit

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  • Hell yeah man, keep filling it. I really like how you have various different stud sizes. Wear it out!!! :)
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  • Thanks man, really means it a lot that you think they are that good despite being young and not that worn.
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  • Heheh bice na novom jedan veliki Axecution. Hvala baneeee
  • Thanks. Mine shipped out 9 days ago and I just got it today.
  • Yeah, Arizona has had lots of killer bands.