My second vest

Sun, 19/03/2017 - 16:16

Since my last vest vanished after a drunken night at a friends house I've finally managed to cobble together something again, It's a bitch to find something that fits me since I refuse to buy jackets/vests online and only go for second hand finds.

I've gone for a more classic approach this time and focused mainly on bands that shaped me as a listener and metal fan. Maybe the choices are a bit predictable, but I'd like tho think that they are obvious choices for a reason. I've also tried to mix it up a bit with some lesser known bands.

I'm sure this will go through many changes, I want to add domething on the shoulders above the Darkthrone/Mayhem patches, and maybe something between the batckpatch and the Bathory Strip. A bit more pins wouldn't hurt either. But for now I fell pretty done.

Not for sale or trade


Nater90's picture

So many amazing bands n patches!!!

I have to ask if you like Cold Lake? A lot of people use the patch but hate the album, I rather like it, I can appreciate it for what it is.

Claudandus's picture

Thanks! =D
I think that album is wasted potential. It feels like a thrash album being re-purposed as a glam. I don't think it's "good" in the sense that I wouldn't recommend it to anybody, but it's far from as abysmal as its reputation would lead you to believe. If Tom would go and remix some of the tracks and add new vocals I even think tracks like "Once They Where Eagles" could sound really good, especially in a live setting.
In short, I do think it is as bad as people say, but only just. There is some shine to the album that I think needs re-evaluating. There are a couple of good tracks beneath all the fluff that could be salvaged with a re-recording.

Nater90's picture

Most welcome mate :)
Oh no I wouldn't recommend it as a go to album.

Yeah it wouldn't go to bad if you tweaked some stuff around, Though Tom probably wouldn't bother.

Cheers for the reply.

Claudandus's picture

I'd say it's more of a curiosity than anything and should be approached as such. If you go into it without expectations you might find it kind of enjoyable. And I at least respect them for not doing the obvious and copying an established formula for every album just for the sake of pleasing the fans. I love bands who more or less tells their listeners to take their pretenses and fuck off. Sadly not many bands in the "alternative underground" has that kind of balls.

Nater90's picture

I heard nothing but negativity before I listened to it, But at the same time I just knew to expect something far different to your run of the mill Celtic Frost album.

I personally believe if the bands ain't satisfied with the result some of that will rub off to the listeners.

I respect bands that take a leap of faith and try something "unique".

Claudandus's picture

What I like about Celtic Frost personally is that there are no "run of the mill" albums. They really improved or at least experimented with their sound on every release. A trait to few bands share.

I think all bands has at least one album that just isn't up to par with the rest. If you keep doing the same thing for 30+ years, of course you can't make an "Abigail" or "Pleasure to Kill" every time. Some bands persevere better than other though. Deicide for example seemingly had made themselves more or less a parody of themselves before they really hit home with "To Hell With God" and their latest album was strong as well.

Nater90's picture

Totally agree, I like the uniqueness and difference you get from each of their albums.

All bands have something you can never quite get into compared to others, But if they remade same sounding album time after time, I'm sure their label would drop them.

Deicide have some strong albums in their discography, I really enjoyed their latest one, Upon finishing it I cranked it again!

Thiellus's picture

Wow... killer, killer vest. The yellow Darkthrone patch looks great, and Iced Earth's Spawn patch... damn, cool stuff. But my absolute favorite has to be the Donald Duck pin

Claudandus's picture

It makes me wonder what they thought when designing that one, the Darkthrone patch that is. I've never seen another band use that "black logo on a gold background before or since. I think it makes it stand out in a good way though.

The Iced Earth patch is pretty neat. It looks pretty mushy when you look at it up close though. As is to be expected when you try to weave a patch with that level of detail. But hopefully nobody will ever get vlose enough to notice that. ^^

Yeah, I saw a guy on Black Christmass selling that pin and I Couldn't resist. The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck is such a good reat from beginning to end. Without a doubt one of my top 10 books of all time.

Thiellus's picture

Shit... yeah my mistake that IS Scrooge McDuck himself, not Donald. It's no wonder that pin struck a chord for me then... it reminds me of growing up, when I used to visit my family in the northern parts of Norway. I would buy all of these Scrooge McDuck comics and try to read them... mostly I just marveled at the drawings though and had my Norwegian-native cousin translate the good parts for me. Damn, that is a great little piece for a vest. Mucho respect.

Claudandus's picture

I was pretty into comics as a kid. Mostly Western European stuff like The Adventures of Tintin, Lucky Luke, Spirou and such. I'd always love the longer, more elaborate adventure type series over short comic strips. As such I used to love the two parters in Donald Duck and Co. Especially the ones involving Scrooge(even though I'd often miss either the first or the second part since I didn't have a subscription..)

Suff Sleazy's picture

Love the Scrooge McDuck pin ;D

Claudandus's picture

What can I say. I saw it and I had to have it. ^^

Extravasation's picture

Sweet vest, cool to see the entire thing. Lots of great patches on here, I love the Conspiracy backpatch.

Claudandus's picture

Thanks for the flames. I'm quite pleased with the choices of bands myself. I'd like to get another Iced Earth patch, preferably an original Night of the Stormrider, but I'd settle on the recent bootleg version as well.
The backpatch is a lucky find thanks to this site actually. One of many.

Medardus's picture

The peste noire DIY thingy is great...

Claudandus's picture

Sometimes I do get the odd good idea. ^^

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