My new battle jacket (work in progress) UPDATE 2

Utter Chaos
Sat, 24/02/2018 - 15:28

Work in progress, as you can see...

Latest adds:

1) Bolt Thrower - "Cenotaph" patch
2) Sepultura - "Tribal S" patch
3) "pentagram w/ skeleton" pendant (see backpatch)

Not for sale or trade


Left Hand Patch's picture

Wow! Amazing!

Great layout and choice of patches. The way you’ve done the front so far is so impressive: full coverage with minimal overlapping - just how it should be!

Utter Chaos's picture

Thanx a lot, mate! :)

To be honest I painted some spots black to make it look more covered. ;D You can see that especially on the back.

invisible-horizons's picture

Killer work! It's going to look great when it's done!

Utter Chaos's picture

Thanks so much, man! Great to see some people like it. :)

fauzan big's picture

Awesome vest! now you need to cut off the collar, to make it more oldschool

ManInTheBox's picture

Nice update, +1 on the collar

Utter Chaos's picture

Thanx guys!

kingdomofhannover's picture

Schick schick! Hier kann man sich wirklich schon tierisch auf das fertige Teil freuen! Bandauswahl und Geschmack natürlich unschlagbar!!!

Utter Chaos's picture

Heißen Dank, ich geb' mir Mühe. ;)

ajnin's picture

Nice spe's pins man!! good jacket!

Utter Chaos's picture

Thanx a lot ajnin! :) The pins of course will be removed as soon as I start covering the upper left front.

lifewillneverlast's picture

really nice, good job!!

Utter Chaos's picture

Thanx a lot, mate!

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Recent Comments

  • Yup, thanks bro!
  • Great to hear that. And long sleeves seance are sold out
  • Received my order, excellent quality, thank you very much!
  • Five flames!! You are the boss!!
  • Yeah you are right ! I like fast music. Their music is for people with other taste I respect them any way
  • cool as.. they are not for eveyone :)
  • I don't like their music That's all :-)
  • fauzan big - do you know where I can get one. this is fucking sick!!!
  • do you hate them or just not like them ?
  • This shit is beautiful man. It's not just the vodka talking.
  • Yes, the quality and design are superior! I have bought quite a few shirts from there.
  • I hate Obituary But the pin looks relentless !
  • Fuckin' LOVE Wild Dogs !
  • Did you score this off ebay just the other week?
  • Love that artwork Wes Benscoter is fucking amazing
  • Awesome! Pretty good condition for it's age.


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