My eternal Quest for the perfect armour WIP - Huge Update #1

Into Glory Ride
Fri, 21/04/2017 - 00:35

The most important step is made. The most difficult steps still lie ahead...
As stated it is quite wavy, but i am ok with it for now. I am more comcerned with the borders of the selfmade patches. Time will tell how long they will last...
The whole thing is actually too far low, but i hope it will lool better once i ordered a big Manowar logo. Not sure about the position of the Solstice though.

For now i am quite satisfied!

Not for sale or trade

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Recent Comments

  • Thank you sir.
  • are they gay and katatonic?
  • Uber driver of the year! Yoy must have some nice tunes while driving punks around town. Cc Cage!
  • ass spanking!
  • you want family or friends?
  • Thanks man ! Yeah i tried to go for something "cleaner" with this vest... glad you like it :)
  • Hahahahahahahhaa new uber logo hahaha I want to wear this shirt and get asked if im an uber driver...
  • You know who they are, man...
  • Talking bout what? Cockfighting?
  • No! You only wear black! You need to stop
  • Yeah! Discouraged and tonights... :) I love that era too
  • This is nicely done.
  • this looks rare! it seems like a mix of 2007 and 2014 version.
  • Is this Uber logo...from their new commercial?
  • i guess he never made it to the back print...trains are fast nowadays
  • i wonder what that devil guy is doing hmm
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