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Taake My black metal style leather armor

Thu, 28/07/2022 - 21:47

My painstakingly sewn, riveted, and spiked leather jacket. Made from a vintage leather jacket, I'm nearly done and ready for my next project. The W.A.S.P. patch stands out but there's a good story behind it so in my mind it definitely belongs. Thing weighs a ton.

Not for sale or trade

Year: 2021
Taake My black metal style leather armor
Taake My black metal style leather armor
Taake My black metal style leather armor
Taake My black metal style leather armor

Komplott's picture

Sure looks like a lot of hours behind the sewing machine were spent here, hopefully to the tune of some banger albums. What's up with the hint regarding the W.A.S.P. patch, care to elaborate? Thank you in advance.

MetalMuscles's picture

WASP is brvtal kvlt bro,

Smellypope's picture

Much appreciated, and I'd be glad to share. So in addition to jackets I like to make pants as well. Taake is my all time favorite band so when Hoest and I got to talking I offered to make him a pair of pants based on his favorite band. He said absolutely yes and told me his favorite band was W.A.S.P.. I made him the pants and from that point on W.A.S.P. alway reminds me of Taake.

Komplott's picture

Awesome anecdote, must have been the treat of the year to have him sign off on customizing a pair of pants for him. I'd even come up with the idea of having both logos mash up in a way, for example a "runified" W.A.S.P. logo or smth to impress him even more. :)

Ahn's picture

This looks awesome! Really unique and an awesome layout! The spikes make it gnarly as hell.

Plague's picture

Thats basically a work of fuckin art! Amazing!

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