Minor jacket update

Guess this TShirt!

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Recent Comments

  • Cant go wrong with the first 3 albums :)
  • They were awesome :) i saw them at this tour in 2001 :)
  • You got that right man! The best! The new one sounds a little bit like this one
  • Thanks man ! Got it at ebay. For like 4 pounds if i remember correctly... Hope youll find yours soon :)
  • Very cool Motörhead patch!
  • Thanks! Simplicity is key with jackets.
  • This is pretty wild.
  • Disagree, I prefer "Hatebreeder" personally, but this one has it's own charm.
  • Sick as always
  • Love it, this album changed my life!
  • Whoah. Great catch.
  • This is the second best one.
  • This is probably the best Unanimated design I've seen.
  • That is awesome!
  • I remember listening to this a lot as a kid, really a pretty decent album from what I remember.
  • Sick! Their best work, in my opinion.
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