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Mayhem Metal Vest Jeans Jacket From Thirft store

Tue, 31/01/2023 - 20:56

Found this on thrift store LOL!

Any rare/ interesting patches?

I don't know anything about patches so im asking!

I paid 1.50$ for this jacket. Best deal in my life!

Sale only
Mayhem Metal Vest Jeans Jacket From Thirft store
Mayhem Metal Vest Jeans Jacket From Thirft store

Matthew Hopkins's picture

Nice deal:)

BerachMalina96's picture

Wow, amazing deal!

Gragmel's picture


cdsandwhiches's picture

Mystery man has good taste!

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Recent Comments

  • What a shame I would love to see your collection
  • Curious what you got in store :)
  • Definitely
  • Together with Victory 🤘
  • Yes! I am very close to finishing my vest, but this one, being small, will be one of the last ones to be sewn on.
  • 🧍🏼‍♀️
  • I'd have liked to attend this gigi...
  • Great and gorgeous singer !
  • ......and I still can't find mine to post ...... :(
  • Love how your vest looks man 🔥, And it motivates me to continue my black vest that have the same backpatch on it :)
  • Helly yeah Dictius te Necare, the all-time best gateway into early demented Black Metal \m/
  • Are you planning on sowing it onto a vest or any attire soon? Would love to see this one in "action"! :)
  • And what a reprint this beauty has turned out to be, top notch tribute to the old days!
  • Their last Euro Tour at that, which is a shame.
  • I can attest to that Cirith Ungol version looking stellar in person, it's a true pleasure owning it!
  • Don't know, got it from a friend, maybe boot or gig shirt.