Mein first kutte - Phase #4



Fuck yes! Looks great dude, Heaps of epic as fuck bands.

The Clairvoyant

Wow, there's lots of work gone into that! It looks great, I'm really digging the backpatch-less look. \m/


Love the sole amount of colors present. Awesome mix of genres and great dedication.


Killer jacket... Where'd you get that Mythic patch?

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  • Beste Grüße in die Nachbarstadt \m/ :D
  • tommy hilfiger? :( :(
  • it's easy to print what ever you like ;)
  • Awesome
  • Awesome
  • Its fuckin beautiful specially with the bridge there.
  • That is a frikin masterpiece.
  • Yeap, sweatshirt! ;) Thanx for the flames!
  • Cool graphic. Some brutal Grindcore.
  • Haha..cheers!
  • Thanks mate. I was a big fan of their first album. I'm still trying to figure-out where to place this on my vest.
  • Such a great band. If you get the chance, catch the split they did with Xasthur. It's excellent.
  • I too was suprised by its incredible quality, slava rodu!
  • Where’d u get this I must know I need one for jean jacket I making hehe
  • Awesome! Became a fan since Scar Sighted and went through the back catalog. Great stuff.
  • Text me I want to buy 4408320310


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