Leather Jacket - Lesa Collection (Real Leather)

misantrhopicSat, 10/03/2018 - 14:15

This is a heavy jacket with sturdy and thick leather, and it fits me very well i think. Quilted black and thick lining.
The size is XL, and the condtion is practicly new.
It´s not an old classic from Petroff or Jofama, but it works for now.
I got this for about 55 euros, and thats a great deal in my opionion.

Not for sale or trade
Leather Jacket - Lesa Collection (Real Leather)
Leather Jacket - Lesa Collection (Real Leather)

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  • Man, please upload the pictures separately in the same post, otherwise it's really impossible to see any detail whe
  • Really nice design!!
  • thanks man! finally worked, tried to upload this earlier but they said it was too blurry
  • Oh shizzz... someone's gonna pay a pretty penny for this one!
  • So 90s!
  • Love it.
  • awesome album...
  • ordentlicher stich
  • yess...good album !!!!!
  • where did you buy it ?
  • still for sale?
  • Ich nähe keine LP Beilagen mehr auf.
  • Yes
  • Great taste! Love that it's not only trash, but you also have bands like Omen and Manilla Road.
  • You're right bro..thanks
  • thanks! A Midsummer night´s Dream 1st press CD

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