Kutte Update 3

Ye One-Eyed Old Man
Fri, 18/08/2017 - 01:32

I have rearranged a couple of patches and added two new ones in the last three months or whenever. I also cut away the collar and Electric Wizard handpainted patch. Kommandant I added shortly after learning about the band and plunging into their music; I hope to see them live asap. Necromantia, like the Bathory "backpatch," was a spur of the moment paint job. Stayed up all night cutting a stencil, painting, touching up, and cutting out the final logo patch. Favorite album of theirs is Crossing the Fiery Path, for those who would care to know.

The Candlemass patch is not attached yet due to indecision. Please, offer ideas on placement or call it out as a good spot for me to start stabbing my fingers over.

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Der Todesking

The paintings look good!

Ye One-Eyed Old Man



Great taste, Love the Kommandant! Their one hell of a band, Would love to see them live too.


love the DIY work. coming on nicely.

you paint on to it?

Ye One-Eyed Old Man

Thanks. I painted the Bathory goat and logo right on to the denim. The Necromantia logo was painted on an old, black t-shirt.

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