Kutte Update 3

Ye One-Eyed Old Man
Fri, 18/08/2017 - 01:32

I have rearranged a couple of patches and added two new ones in the last three months or whenever. I also cut away the collar and Electric Wizard handpainted patch. Kommandant I added shortly after learning about the band and plunging into their music; I hope to see them live asap. Necromantia, like the Bathory "backpatch," was a spur of the moment paint job. Stayed up all night cutting a stencil, painting, touching up, and cutting out the final logo patch. Favorite album of theirs is Crossing the Fiery Path, for those who would care to know.

The Candlemass patch is not attached yet due to indecision. Please, offer ideas on placement or call it out as a good spot for me to start stabbing my fingers over.

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  • This shirt has been sold
  • lovely little Testament strip
  • Very much so. Total support for these guys.
  • Mint and LS version, very cool mate!
  • Awesome TS!5 flames for the old school logo alone! Yep,i have Grim Reaping Norway as well.The start with 'Abductio
  • Awesome!Really great design?!
  • Yeah its is... one of my favorites from 2015 :) Marduk never dissapoints
  • Very Hard to Find!!!!
  • Yeah, Old Funeral have so many compilations at this point that I should just go ahead and pick one.
  • Great ! I would be happy to get it ! I've seen the other Tormentor tshirt that you have, really nice.
  • Thats it! To buy more cds? I was buying this shirt in music hall.com But then i saw a marduk frontschwein exclusive and
  • The Old ones? I still only have the Grim Reaping Norway cd myself. But I really should get to buying more.
  • The hammerheart cd ( i dont remember how is it called) was one of the first extreme metal albums i heard :)
  • Sure. Psychology. Sure.
  • Fucking amazing man!
  • Patch master productions made them a few months ago, I beleive

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