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Jacket #1 semi Slayer & Misfits tribute

Thu, 15/10/2020 - 10:55

My fist jacket. Primarily for winter/cold weather because it's made of leather (really NIIIIIICE and soft leather too,) as wearing leather in 80-90degree heat is just a bad idea cause it'll just heat you up further and soaks your shirt. Anyway, I started and "finished" this Jan 2020.

I'm not gonna make this into a patch cluster fuck jacket (though I was originally thinking about doing that [and I love those,]) it's not entirely done either, I plan to add a few more patches here and there but I'm gonna try to keep the front at a minimum and specifically where the pockets are because I wanna enjoy the leather.

This jacket has had LOADS of layout variations and NONE of them (but this version) really passed the test. I would have preferred to have less Slayer patches but it was literally the majority of my Patch collection due to the fact that I was gonna make an ALL Slayer tribute jacket back in 2018/early 2019 but then got cold feet when I got ALL the patches ready *face palm heavy sigh*. This is why I DON'T recommend making your first jacket a Tribute because
diversity really makes a jacket pop out. Some good thing happened though, I ended up using two Slayer patches I DIN'T think I'd have a use for which are on the front (The Iwo Jima, and the Dead Skin Mask.) The Dead Skin mask ended up working far better than I expected, the wine red and the black went perfectly with the black leather, which is good because it was much larger than expected when I got it. Again, I would have preferred more variety even in regards to the several Misfits patches, but I really didn't wanna have to buy more patches as money is a bit tight lately.

As for the backpatch, I just HAD to use the Slayer demon goat, it just looks awesome, plus because it's in the middle I had to use some other Slayer album patches below it. Oddly, finding that South of Heaven woven patch was trickier than expected, I definitely did not get it on ebay as most of those were fugly.

I left a space on the back for another patch I haven't put on yet which is Mayhem Dawn of the Black Hearts, I just wanna censor the image with a tiny patch because I really don't need a bunch on pompous liberals giving me shit over it; I live in Commie-fornia and lately many of them are just crazy. 'Not saying every single one, but I also don't need to catch crap from any parents (or other people) while standing in line at the Grocery store; or being approached by the manager and being asked to leave [I doubt it would happen, but the manager is cool and I'm thinking of working there.] It's possible I may use something else but I'm not sure yet, I'm just keeping options open.

As for the giant pentagram patch, I got it off of ebay from Spain for $15 instead of their usual $30 buy it now price. I never really though I was gonna use it but it ended up looking really awesome with the Slayer Back Patch. I'm thinking of adding more skull patches here and there just for fun. I was thinking of painting the skull that Nifelheim sits atop in the colors of the Devilman anime/manga (a blue skull, and making the band border and letters red.)

The Operation Ivy patch is actually a DYI from the early 2000s during my early years in college when I used to Skate; it went on my old hoodie which, when I find it in my storage crate I'll upload it here. It was made from an old t-shirt and hand painted with Fabric Paints.

The "Life after Death" patch is a DYI that I got off of Etsy back in 2018.

If you're still considering making your first Jacket, I really don't recommend Leather and I don't recommend a tribute jacket because variety is so much better, and it takes a lot longer to sew and is a bit more dangerous as it takes more pressure to pierce the leather. Plus, Leather is not a "solve-all" for weather, water can dry out the leather making it brittle, heat will fry you, and leather is essentially high maintenance (requires special oils or soaps and ya gotta upkeep the dyes [if you plan to.]; besides, Leather is really just used to block out the wind and cold.

At the moment (since June) I've been working on my 2nd jacket made of denim, and it's taking me a long time due to planning its' customization. When it comes to finding the "perfect jacket" in womens fashion it's damn near impossible and takes forever. No joke, I've been searching since summer of 2017! My idea of the perfect Jacket: Fitted back (hourglass shape), 100% cotton, long torso, Side pockets, Black. Generally, the bigger the jacket gets in size the wider it gets too, which makes no sense as I haven't seen many 6ft women that are over 200lbs!, I'm 6ft and I'm DEFINITELY not that heavy (hell, I have trouble keeping weight ON!) I've checked all kinds of online store specializing in tall people clothing and they just don't have what I needed. Generally, I see jackets with loads of filler, like stretch fabrics, plastics and the like. So, I found something with the most important attributes: Fitted back, 100% cotton, everything else I had to make myself and making the side pockets is the last thing I'm working on, and I had to cut the sleeves off and use them as extensions; then it will be dyed.

Not for sale or trade
Jacket #1 semi Slayer & Misfits tribute
Jacket #1 semi Slayer & Misfits tribute
Jacket #1 semi Slayer & Misfits tribute
Jacket #1 semi Slayer & Misfits tribute

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