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Tue, 15/07/2014 - 23:33

This is my leather jacket, i bought it last year, but only got around to paint it yesterday.
I found it in a shop that sells used leather jackets, and i guess this one belonged to an American biker and is at least from 1991, since it has a small round marking in the bottom back, below the Burzum patch, that reads: "Daytona 50th Bike Week". I looked that up and it is a huge event of bikers, and the 50th edition took place in 1991.

The Unleashed patch comes from the mighty bayernpirat, and the Kampfar thing was hand-painted by me :)

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Oh yeah, live a couple hours south and bike week is HUGE. It seems to be bigger than festivals like Wacken and Hellfest sometimes, but aside from that love your jacket man. Especially the back painting of course, you planning to put on anything else whether it's studs, spikes, buttons, or patches?

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Yeah I read that the edition on this jacket attracted like 500,000 dudes! Fucking enormous. And yes, i was thinking about putting 1 - 2 more patches max., and definitely some pins, metal logos and circular ones. And thank you very much :)

DisgustingSemla's picture

Great bands and nice jacket!

Hárbarðr's picture

Thanks man!

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Nice story, it must be great to think that you're wearing a REAL (former) biker jacket.. Anyway, the paint job is event nicer :)

Hárbarðr's picture

Haha i guess. It even has very noticeable fold marks in the wrists, like the ones you'd get when you grab the handlebar on a motorcycle. And thanks a lot!

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is that your own design or did you get it from one of the bands' albums? I'm only minimally familiar with Kampfar, only heard some stuff on youtube but don't own any albums. I really like the starkness of the dead trees though, looks killer, you certainly did a great job!

Hárbarðr's picture

I got it from a tourshirt, from the Ravnferd tour in 2006 (here: http://tshirtslayer.com/tshirt-or-longsleeve/kampfar-ravnferd-tourshirt), and that is precisely why i loved that design, looks absolutely great, whoever made it definitely got what this band is about. Thank you man, i'm happy it turned out decent :)

LifeOfDeath's picture

Fucking awesome painting dude! Isn't that painting from one of their t-shirt designs? First I was afraid that you destroyed one of those shirts to make yourself a back patch :D Very nice leather!

Hárbarðr's picture

Good eye! Hehe thanks a lot man, and indeed, it is from the Ravnferd shirt, but i've no idea where to get those backing materials to make nice bp's out of shirts, so painting was the only option!

Tico Tyrant's picture

Great paint work and an interesting back story...I almost feel like Burzum is a bit out of place here? but nice, none the less!

Hárbarðr's picture

I think it fits, mainly because most of Burzum's aesthetics and atmosphere (and nowadays, everything really, though i haven't heard the last couple albums) are very much about old norse traditions and culture, just like the other bands, each in their own way. Maybe it is not so clear all the time, but i think it is always there. And thanks a lot sir!

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The painting looks great, really nicely done, and I think a few pins and maybe a couple more patches would indeed look awesome. Definitely looks great so far though.

I tend to sit on things for ages before I finally get around to doing them, so taking a year before painting it doesn't sound that long to me!

Hárbarðr's picture

Haha i have the same problem, but with this sort of "risky" endeavours: i was a bit scared to cock it up, considering i had never done such a thing before. And i'm pretty damn slow to do most things, so both things conspired to create a good excuse not to do it :) And thank you very much, i'll definitely have to start looking for nice pins!

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Pretty fucking cool. Been wanting to paint my next leather jacket (if I can ever find a decent one), but haven't looked much into it. What materials did you use?

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Many thanks man!
I did some really shitty research (looked a couple threads here and that's it hehe), and read that Posca pens were great for this sort of job, so i got two, a big one, and a smaller one for the details. First thing i did was to sketch the design on a piece of paper, to get accustomed to the proportions and the placement of all things, then i did the same but with chalk, on the jacket (just the outline, the logo and the tree trunks), and then i drew the whole thing, erasing the chalk as i progressed.

Bloodied-Yet-Unbowed's picture

Looks so awesome, really good job on the painting!

Hárbarðr's picture

Thank you very much!

Nine Turning Mirrors's picture

Totally awesome job! I love the painting, and it fits very well with the Burzum patch!

Hárbarðr's picture

Thanks man! I thought that glitter patch would work better than a plain - coloured one, glad you like it!

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love the kampfar painting!

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Hárbarðr's picture

Hey, thank you very much man, glad you like it!! The last "r" is a bit too big, but oh well :)

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Great paint, Kampfar \m/


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