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Gorguts death metal battle jacket update

Wed, 16/11/2022 - 19:48

update: i added death, poison (GER), gorguts, pestilence, and immolation. so far, im proud of it. ill probably add blood incantation, carbonized, voivod, chthe'ilist, and more. im thinking of studding the majority of it with UK 77's :D.

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Gorguts death metal battle jacket update

Komplott's picture

Progress worth reporting home! Are you looking for an equally square shaped white on red DM patch for the lower right side too?

kaiserman's picture

sure am, im going to go with a voidceremony patch 4 x 5. matching the size of the poison patch :P. only thing is that its going to be white on black

Komplott's picture

Right on, it'll be a treat to continue keeping this vest grow into a beast! \m/

Mattcrum's picture

Awesome stitching job! I bet your vest is going to keep getting better and better as you add more patches. I like your idea of adding studs too. I just started listening to blood incantation a couple of weeks ago, they rock! and I think they would be a good patch to add.

kaiserman's picture

thanks a bunch! i think i might sew in a second layer inside of the jacket for warmth is that makes sense but also so that my studs dont fall out as easy :D

Mattcrum's picture

That's a good idea. It's a little tricky to sew full panels of fabric inside so you might just keep the pieces at a workable size so they are flat to the outer fabric, especially when you add the studs. Adding another layer will vastly improve your vest in many ways. It is clear that you have the stitching skill to add the extra layer. You could put it on the inside or outside while dodging the stitch work of the patches you already added. If you're going under you could re-outline the patches to insure flatness and add detail. Not only will the extra layer add support, it will also add overall strength so you vest will last much longer. Your vest is already cool but with time and effort it could be spectacular .

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