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First Death Metal kutte (destroyed may 2012 to do 2 death jackets)

Fri, 20/01/2012 - 14:43

Actually, this jacket won't exist anymore when I'll find a good American death metal backpatch (I think an Autopsy Mental Funeral, or an Incantation. If I don't find, maybe a Death - Leprosy or a Nunslaughter) cause I need to make 2 death metal jacket, I got too much patches!! So I need to separate American and European death metal in 2 jacket (but where the fuck will I sew Disembowelment, Slaughter Lord, Coffins and Burial Invocation??) If you like this one, don't cry, the 2 new ones will be better, I got patches of Toxaemia, Gorement, Traumatic, Interment, Runemagick, Utumno, Die Hard, Morbus Chron, Rippikoulu, Depravity, Krypts, Funebre, Demilich, Necrowretch, Nuclear Death Terror, Pestilence, Sextrash, Mortem, Ilsa, etc...

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  • Damn this one is as impressive as it is rare! What a find!
  • Thanks man, more to come up soon...
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  • Sweet !
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  • That’s awesome, I’m personally a MA fan too, I think I’ll get a Portal patch for my jacket.
  • Saw him wearing a Weptune shirt. That's only available directly from Portal.
  • David Vincent of Morbid Angel even wears Portal merch at his own shows. Am not a MA fan, at all.
  • I'm listening to Swarth currently. Really good stuff. Very unique.
  • fuck I need
  • I think we all have had a morning that reflects this album art... Killer Tankard album man!
  • I've never seen any of these before, incredible!!!
  • my pleasure :)
  • Thank you very much!
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