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Eclectic (or just aimless) jacket in progress

satan's radish
Tue, 28/06/2016 - 21:21

This is my main vest. I've had it since about 2010 or 2011. It's been through a number of permutations and is a continuing work in progress. I see no end in sight. It will probably look like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles by the time I'm done with it. It started out with a lot of my own crappy DIY patches, with the oldest (the Napalm Death back patch) dating back to 2005, and the newest (the Divine/Pink Flamingos patch) dating to May/April of this year.

The ND back patch used to be a t-shirt I screen printed in a graphic design class in 10th grade before cutting it out to sew onto a plaid shirt, and, eventually, this slightly ill-fitting, second-hand denim jacket-turned-cut-off vest. The Divine/Pink Flamingos patch is a mixture of acrylic paint with a bit of detailing done using a pigment liner. I topped the whole thing off with a shitload of clear acrylic spray to protect the image. It's a bit wonky and kind of cheesy-looking, and the canvas material I used is a bit stiff, but I am fairly satisfied with it, considering I have very little experience with painting. I want to paint a patch of Dr. Frank-N-Furter for the opposite side, but I've been too lazy and unmotivated.

The other DIY patches on this vest are:
Germs circle logo (shape traced from a soda can, if I remember correctly)
Dark Rides logo (hand-cut/painted stencil)
Siege logo (sloppy free-hand in Sharpie/acrylic)
"Non Deus" (Germs lyric) patch (hot glue letters over blue-painted canvas, painted over in black before peeling the glue off)
Kilslug logo (hand-cut/painted stencil)
Totalitar logo (hand-cut/inked stencil)
Subhumans logo (sloppy free-hand in Sharpie/acrylic)
The Smiths logo (messy, one-off drawing solution-on-silk screen experiment. I didn't know what the hell I was doing and the screen image got destroyed after one printing)
Jobbykrust logo (hand-cut/inked stencil)
Crass logo (made using an alphabet stencil, hand-painted in acrylic)
Dead Kennedys logo (sloppy free-hand pencil sketch painted over in acrylic. The paint wore off on the graphite lines making it look extra crappy)

The Kate Bush pin was also a DIY project. I made that from a hand-drawn logo done in pigment liner on printer paper. I cut itt out, adhered and sealed it at the edges with white acrylic paint over the top of one of those lame Record Store Day ambassador buttons. I then sealed the paper in wood glue before liberally coating the whole thing in clear acrylic spray on both sides to make it water-tight. The other pins are a mix of official, bootleg and custom-ordered items and random garbage.

The remaining patches were printed/manufactured by someone else. They are a mix of mostly new, some old, bootleg and official items. I believe the newest non-DIY patch here is the printed ANTiSEEN patch, which I bought when I saw them in November of last year. I've only started getting into buying a lot more embroidered/woven stuff within the last couple of years or so. As a result, the clustered distribution of printed/DIY vs. embroidered stuff is a bit jarring... There's also some pretty random/incongruous shit on here in general, but it's just what I like, not a dumb attempt to be "ironic".

Not for sale or trade
Eclectic (or just aimless) jacket in progress
Eclectic (or just aimless) jacket in progress
Eclectic (or just aimless) jacket in progress
Eclectic (or just aimless) jacket in progress
Eclectic (or just aimless) jacket in progress
Eclectic (or just aimless) jacket in progress
Eclectic (or just aimless) jacket in progress

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