Death Kutte Update



Awesome job man. Some great patches here


Some wicked as fuck bands & patches, That Obscura patch is wicked.

The Clairvoyant

That's a great job. I'm not necessarily the biggest fan of all of the bands, but the layout you've created is awesome. \m/


Great bands, great vest. Awesome thing!


Glad to see memoriam on there


Dat jawn pop


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Recent Comments

  • Yes bro - it was an amazing concert
  • Ahh nice one. Miss Budapest. Lived there for some years.
  • Great work, the black studs are a killer addition \m/
  • Fast det är klart, om man har armar som en smed från 1200-talet så kanske man vill visa upp dom heha.
  • Killer, where did you manage to score this shirt?
  • \m/ A W E S O M E \m/
  • Man, I'd love to see X Japan! Hope y'all had fun!
  • Awesome album, awesome collection bro!
  • Black metal and skateboards is definitely an odd combination.
  • yeah after seeing them at into the grave festival I had to have this album :)
  • youre welcome ;)
  • Very cool one.
  • Very cool one. Wish they had these when I saw them but they probably would've sold out.
  • Fantastic shirt...
  • Dude that licence plate is genius. Funny photos with the little kid as well!
  • Awesome


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